Who Is OTF Doodie Lo Ex Girlfriend Son? Sexual Assault Allegations Explained

o Is OTF Doodie Lo Ex-Girlfriend Son? Explore the sexual harassment accusation in the rapper by his ex-girlfriend which happened against her son. 

Big Doodie Lo, or Doodie Lo, or OTF Doodie Lo, is an American rapper and musical personality.

He is recognized for his recent new hit alums like Me And Doodie Lo, Don’t Worry, Streets Raised Me, and others.

He has been a part of the musical group OTF, On The Family, for some time now, and his involvement in the band has gathered a lot of attention from his public.

Well, his career was going good and his involvement in the band OTF was also great for them, but a recent sudden news might cause a lot of problems to him.

There is no proof of anything specific happening as per the accusations because it has just surfaced on the web, but there are many things happening around because of it.

Indeed, concerns regarding his ex-girlfriend and her son, the sexual harassment charges, his age, Wikipedia, and more are rising on the web and are currently at their peak on the web.

Rapper: Who Is OTF Doodie Lo Ex-Girlfriend Son?

Rapper OT Doodie Lo has had many relationships in the past. However, his most recent relationship was a big deal.

He was in a relationship with the Instagram model and independent artist FTN Bae for some time recently.

She is a renowned personality on social media platforms and when it comes to followers, she is even more famous than her ex-boyfriend Doodie Lo.

Well, how long did they exactly date and when it started is not an open thing, but they are surely not together now. And it has surely been not more than 2 months of their split.

Also, she has a son Wesley, who is just 5 years old now, but there is not much detailed information about him anywhere.

OTF Doodie Lo Sexual Assault Allegations

Rapper OTF Doodie Lo is not facing sexual assault allegations where reports have said that he assaulted an infant.

As per the most recent post by his ex-girlfriend FTN Bae, Doodie sexually abused her 5-year-old son Wesley about 2 months ago.

She revealed an audio recording of her son confessing to her about what he went through and what Doddie did to him.

She revealed that Doodie took 3 screws and put those screws in her son’s anus. He could not say about it to her because of fear.

However, after he started to excrete in his pants, years after leaving to use a diaper, FTN Bae was suspicious about it, and then she asked her son about everything.

Doodie has said nothing about any of these accusations yet, but he has turned off the comments on his Instagram.

OTF Doodie Lo Age And Wikipedia

The age of the famous rapper OTF Doodie Lo is just 29 years old. He was born on October 22, 1991, in the United States.

Talking about Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform yet, despite being a rapper who has hit music albums over the web.

However, there are a few sources that provide information about him. Still, there is nothing more than his music albums and his music career.