Who Is Otis Dean Perkins? Black Tom Cruise Died In A Car Accident- A Look At His Family & Bio

Otis Dean Perkins, aka Black Tom Cruise, recently died in a car accident, at the age of just 39 years. Here is everything you needed to know about him. 

Otis Dean Perkins, who is professionally recognized as Black Tom Cruise, was an American athletic personality and fitness expert who was a great social influencer. 

With hundreds of thousands of followers across Instagram, Youtube, and other social handles, Otis has become a great inspiration for many people. 

Indeed, his story of struggle is still admired by many and he certainly did not have a lot of haters. 

Otis was known for his deadlift and fitness training that he provided to people for a healthier lifestyle. 

However, despite all this public support and appreciation, he is now no longer with her. 

After the news of his death went viral on the media and web, people seem to be curious about the details regarding his personal life. 

Indeed, concerns regarding his age, height, the cause of his death, and other related personal matters are at their peak. 

Obituary- Who Is Otis Dean Perkins? Age Height And Bio

Otis Dean Perkins’ age was 39 years at the time of his death. 

He was born on May 22, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York, the United States. 

We have extracted his age from the recent article that has provided a little information regarding the athlete. 

Moreover, his height certainly seems to be over 6 feet tall. 

Even though the exact number is not revealed, he did look like a really tall person. 

Otis was raised in Brooklyn where had to face different issues relating to his body weight. 

Well, not just that, but he also had some learning disabilities which led him to a disability school for learning. 

Whatever the case is, he still managed to become successful in his life and he also helped a lot of people to deal with similar problems. 

Otis Perkins Net Worth And Wife

Otis Dean Perkins had a net worth of about $1 million. 

He was a great athlete and also s social media personality with a lot of followers and sponsors. 

With all his experience and his viewer base, he most certainly has a net worth of over a million dollars. 

Talking about his wife, Otis Perkins was not married yet so he did not have one. However, he had a fiance named Lynn Wilson who confirmed the death news of the athlete and influencer.

Otis Perkins AKA Black Tom Cruise Died In A Car Accident

Otis Dean Perkins, also known as Black Tom Cruise, recently died because of a fatal car accident. 

On July 11, 2021, Otis was the victim of a car accident and he had been in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks. 

However, despite all the effort and surgeries that were done in his back and the right-eyed portion of his head, he did not make it out of the hospital. 

Many people including some renowned celebrities posted regarding the death of the beloved athlete and fitness trainer. 

Such an inspirational influencer is hard to find and his death has become a huge loss to the fitness work and his fans.