Who Is Pete Campbell’s Wife? Details To Know About

Pete is married to his beautiful wife, Alana Campbell. Pete is the runner-up of the recent season of MasterChef Australia.

He could have won the show, but he made a minor mistake in his cooking on the show’s finale.

He was attempting to serve the quail in a quince glaze with steamed white asparagus and enoki mushrooms. However, it ended in disaster when he served up quail undercooked and raw.

He lost to Justin Narayan but secured the runner-up position.

Who Is Pete Campbell’s Wife: Alana Campbell?

Pete is married to his wife, Alana Campbell.

They are proud parents to two children.

The couple has two daughters named Scout and Lux. They are seven and four years old, respectively.

Furthermore, he left his corporate career in 2015 and moved to Los Angeles with his wife and kids.

In 2013, Pete and Alana traveled across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The couple dined at quality restaurants in each region, where they tasted the food of every kind and culture.

Besides, he got inspired to participate in the competition after Alana suggested it at a dinner party.

The couple moved to Australia in late 2020.

Details On Pete Campbell’s Family

Apart from Pete’s wife and daughters, other family members are out from the media coverage.

There is no information available on him in the public domain.

How Old Is Pete Campbell? Age Explored

Pete is currently 36 years old.

His birthday is unknown to the public.

However, by his age, he was born in 1984/1985.

Learn About Pete’s Tattoo

Pete is former tatto artist.

He is fond of tattoos himself; as we can see, he has an inked body.

He used to cook in his home only.

He opened a coffee shop and retrained as a tattoo artist after leaving his corporate job.

However, by the advice of his wife, he now became a well-known chef in Australia.