Who is Piotr Jacoń? Everything To Know TVN24 Journalist

Does Piotr Jacoń have a bio on Wikipedia? Learn more about him and his transgender daughter in this article.

Piotr is a well-known Polish journalist. He works for TVN24 and is celebrated for his show “Without Politics.”

His Twitter Account

Piotr is not active on Twitter.

He does not use any other social media platforms.

Piotr Jacoń Net Worth And Salary

Jacoń’s net worth is unknown as of April of 2021.

Likewise, his salary from working at TVN24 is not available too.

The average salary of a journalist in Poland is 136 941 zł per year.

As he is a prominent figure in the Polish media, he likely earns more than the average.

Piotr Jacoń Son and Transgender

Piotr’s son-turned-daughter is Victoria Jacoń.

She will turn 21 years old this year.

Piotr admitted in an interview with “Replica” that his child is transgender. Daughter Victoria some time ago admitted that she felt bad in her own body and began hormone therapy.

He also admitted that he and his wife had suspicions that their child was homosexual. For 20 years of their child’s life, they thought their son was gay.

Their transgender daughter Victoria studies in Warsaw. Victoria came out to them via the phone.

Victoria said that she felt uneasy in her body. She added that she is a woman now and uses the name “Victoria.”

Jacoń’s wife’s reaction was the same as his.

The call was extremely emotional, and Piotr, alongside his family were extremely supportive of his child.

Piotr Jacoń Age

As of June of 2021, Piotr Jacoń is 45 years old by age.

He works in Warsaw, lives in Gdynia because he loves the sea.

He is 45 and likes his wrinkles.

Piotr Jacoń TVN24 Wikipedia

A Wikipedia bio for Piotr Jacoń is currently unavailable.

One can find information bout him on the Polish side of the internet as he is a renowned journalist with decades of history.