Who Is Rapper B Rod? Up And Coming Rapper From Georgia Arrested For Golf Course Shooting

Who Is Rapper B Rod aka Bryan Rhoden? The up-and-coming rapper, aged 23 years, is a prime suspect for the murder of pro golfer Gene Siller. 

B Rod aka Bryan Anthony Rhoden is an American up-and-coming rapper who is recognized for a few of his songs.

He was slowly getting into the rapping universe and making a good impression among the rapping audience and the general public.

However, the recent news of his arrest might change everything because he is facing 3 charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Just after a few hours of discovering the bodies, B Rod was demanded to be arrested and so did it happen.

Professional Golfer Gene Siller was killed recently on a golf course along with 2 other men, and after certain investigations, the police have arrested b Rod.

Then, concerns regarding the personal details of B Rod, like his age and height are rapidly increasing among the netizens.

Rapper: B Rod Age And Height

The up-and-coming rapper B Rod’s age is currently 23 years old.

However, his exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet.

We extracted these details from an article by WSB-TV where his age was mentioned.

Regarding his height, he looks like he is about 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Regardless, his exact height has not been mentioned anywhere at it is just an assumption because he looks pretty tall.

B Rod aka Bryan Anthony Rhoden Facebook And Picture

Rapper B Rod is not on Facebook but there are other sources that have recently uploaded his pictures and everything about his case.

Moreover, he is on Instagram and he even has quite some followers on his handle.

Since the news regarding him has not completely spread out yet, there are no negative comments of critics on his social media handle yet.

He is on the platform under the username @genu1nebrod and he has about 18.5k followers on this handle.