Who Is Sabrinaprater625 aka Sabrina Prater 625 TikTok User On TikTok?

Sabrina is a well-known TikTok user/influencer who goes by the handle @sabrinaprater625.

We also know that the TikTok account has 167.2 thousand followers and 1.8 million likes.

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Sabrina’s TikTok posts are primarily about dressing up as a female, dancing, and having fun.

The objective of Sabrina’s TikTok account is mentioned in her TikTok bio: “I’m a 34-year-old man who has been dressing up since I was a small child! I’m working on breaking through.”

Sabrina’s videos have all received over 100 thousand views. One of the videos has a whopping 16.4 million views.

Sabrina Prater 625 Missing

Franklin Prater, also known as Sabrina Prater, is a Tiktok content creator who has been Missing in action for weeks before returning to TikTok again.

Sabrina Prater is a well-known name, at least on the Tiktok site, where he (actual name Franklin) regularly posts dancing videos using female models.

He also stated in his account bio that he enjoys dressing up as a girl and is just starting to emerge as a new identity.

With all the negative comments on his shared articles and video reels, followers assumed Sabrina had vanished from his standard content feed, and fans speculated that he had done something horrific to himself.

According to reports, the user has reverted to his original work and sends out the same dance clips to his genuine well-wishers.

His most recent video post was two days ago, and it has already received 1654 likes and 607.6k views.

Sabrinaprater625 aka Sabrina Prater 625 Age & Parents Details

Sabrina is 34 years old, according to her TikTok bio.

Prater was born Franklin Prater to his parents in 1987. However, Franklin has not revealed anything about his parents as of now.

Moreover, there is no information available about Sabrina’s parents. As a result, Sabrina’s parent’s identity remains a secret.

@sabrinaprater625 ♬ original sound – user6868125224652

The parents of a 34-year-old TikToker must be attractive and aged 55-60 years.

In addition, when the frame of the TikToker is compared to the surrounding objects, Sabrina is of typical height. However, the TikTok celebrity is only about 6 feet tall.