Who Is Samantha Josephson? Who Murder Her? Her Boyfriend & Cause Of Death

Who Is Samantha Josephson? Samantha was a USC student who was murdered by Nathaniel Rowland in 2019. Find out what happened.

With the ongoing trial, more and more pieces of evidence against Rowland are being stacked up against him. Following Samantha’s murder, Passenger Protection Act was passed in North Carolina.

Who Is Samantha Josephson?

Samantha Josephson is the victim of a brutal killing in South Carolina.

Josephson was born in Princeton, which is located in New Jersey.

She grew up in Robbinsville with her parents are Seymour and Marci Josephson.

Before her murder, Samantha was in her senior year in college. Samantha studied political science at the University of South Carolina.

Moreover, Samantha was a bright individual who wanted to pursue international law. She was given a full-ride scholarship to Drexel University.

Samantha now rests at Perrineville Jewish Cemetery.

Samantha Josephson Murder

Samantha was allegedly murdered by Nathaniel Rowland.

The forensics team involved found Samantha’s DNA under Nathaniel’s fingernails. Furthermore, serologist Ryab DeWane verified that a beanie found inside Rowland’s car had both his and Samantha’s DNA.

Traces of Nathaniel and Samantha’s DNA were found on the murder weapon and inside Rowland’s Chevy Impala.

Nathan Rowland’s trial began on July 20 of 2021.

The court was adjourned, and it is set to reconvene at 9:30 AM Monday.

Samantha’s death is a widely discussed topic on Facebook.

Pages like Justice for Samantha are constantly involved in updating the case and discussing the issue as it has outraged many people.

Samantha Josephson Cause Of Death

Samantha’s cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries, according to the autopsy report.

She was killed on March 29, 2019. The incident occurred after Samantha got tricked into entering a car that she thought was her Uber ride home.

The driver used childproof locks to prevent the former USC student from escaping. Hunters found her body 65 miles away in a wooded area.

Before her death, Josephson was with her friends in Columbia.

At around 2 AM, she ordered an Uber to go back home. Pictures from surveillance footage show her waiting for the Uber. Nathaniel Rowland, the alleged killer, appeared with his Chevy Impala about 9 minutes later.

Nathaniel then allegedly raped and killed Samantha. Several injuries were found on her body once they got discovered.

Samantha’s injuries included stabs to her head, neck, face, leg, and upper body.

Samantha Josephson Boyfriend

Samantha was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Greg Corbishley.

On July 20, Josephson’s former boyfriend Greg testified during Rowland’s trial.

Their friend group used an app called Find My Friends to keep track of each other’s location. Greg talked about the night in detail at the trial. He mentioned that the car Josephson got in was driving in the wrong direction from her apartment.

Samantha was unable to reply to his texts, nor did she pick up the phone.

He testified that it was the first time she stopped sharing her location. The last location shared was Montgomery Avenue in the Rosewood neighborhood.