Who Is Shane Goldsby Sister? All About The Inmate Who Murdered Robert Munger

Shane Goldsby’s sister, the victim of pedophile rapist, is yet to come forward with a statement regarding the murder at present.

Shane Goldsby killed the old man in jail who raped his juvenile sister.

The murderer got sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment in the first murder charge. The murdered man himself was serving 43 years old for raping minor children and engaging in child pornography act.

Though this matter happened last year in June, it presently is gaining more public attention.

Who Is Shane Goldsby Sister?

Shane Goldsby’s sister’s name has not been displayed to maintain privacy.

We only got to learn that Shane’s sister is a minor one who has been raped before by a pedophile.

Shane Goldsby’s sister became a rape victim in or before 2019. It is also known that the rapist Munger also took inappropriate photos and videos of Shane’s little sister.

And, Munger told this matter in detail to the victim’s older brother which further enraged Shane after actually learning about things that his sister had to go through.

Well, Shane hit Robert 14 times in the head and stomped him four times. After three days later, the latter died of severe injuries as per online sources.

Robert Munger Murderer Age: How Old Is He?

Robert Munger, 70, was murdered by 26 years old Shane Goldsby in a fit of rage.

Reportedly, under the provocation of the rapist Munger, the older brother of a victim took charge of mercilessly killing Robert.

More On Shane Goldsby Family

For now, it is only found that Shane Goldsby’s family consists of his mother, Cindy Elliott, and younger sister.

In the interview with KHQ, Shane revealed that the police authorities set him up with the one who killed his family, his blood, his life, his sister.

Later, Shane apologized to the deceased’s wife and family members in tears for committing such an unforgivable and homicide act.

Shane Goldsby Story On Reddit Explored

There is limited information traced about Shane Goldsby on Reddit.

However, we can find more than enough stories and contents regarding Goldsby’s murdering, reasons, and the aftermath.

From how much we learned, Shane, an adult man, was serving in jail since 2017 for stealing a police car. Not only that, but he also injured a state trooper after he crashed into their vehicle. And following the long chase, Shane was eventually arrested.

He was put into the same cell as rapist Robert Munger who exploited his sister sexually, which Shane deems as a set-up by the sheriff authorities