Who Is Simon Parkes On Youtube? Everything To Know About

Simon Parkes is a Former British councilor in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and a labor politician. He is a firm believer in the existence of aliens, elementals, and UFOs; he is famous for making unusual statements regarding life beyond the universe. 

Furthermore, Simon is also the founder and initiator of an organization named Connecting Consciousness, which seeks to solve global challenges through physical and spiritual development, education, and governance.

Alongside that, Parkes has a YouTube channel where he talks mostly about politics and spirituality. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Simon Parkes On Youtube? Everything To Know About

NameSimon Parkes
ProfessionPolitician, Conspiracy Theorist
ParentsJean Parkes
WifeJacquie Parkes
Youtube@Simon Parkes

10 Facts About Simon Parkes

  1. Simon Parkes has a YouTube Channel created under his name. The channel over 620K subscribers with the highest views of 3.4M on a single video.
  2. The former politician made headlines when he claimed to have fathered an extraterrestrial child named Zarka.
  3. Councilor Parkes is a former driving instructor. He first made a public appearance in 2010, where he shared his theories and stories about aliens.
  4. Simon Parkes is 60 years old by age as of 2021. How tall or how much he weighs is not known. He has an average physique.
  5. In 2013, Simon was invited by the British Ministry of Defence to join a secret space radar base in the UK. That is when his political career rose.
  6. The former politician claims that he has a 9 ft green alien mother with eight fingers. Further, he has written on his website that his biological mother worked for the British Security Service.
  7. Simon Parkes is happily married to his wife Jacquie Parkes. They have three biological children from their marriage.
  8. Connecting Consciousness, the grass-root organization founded by Parkes, has thousands of followers in over 100 countries. 
  9. The labor politician’s net worth is not known. Although, we speculate he makes a hefty sum of money from his YouTube channel and his spirituality based organization.
  10. Simon Parkes also does soul reading, mind healing, and general consultation and freeing his clients from demonic possession. He charges a good sum of money for all these services.