Who Is Susan Valentine? Know About Phil Valentine Wife Amid His Critical Health Status Under ECMO

Phil Valentine is a radio show host who is married to Susan Valentine for 29 years. Currently, he is battling for his life as he is in critical condition due to the Coronavirus.

Phil Valentine is an American conservative talk radio show host in Nashville, Tennessee.

He is known in Tennessee for leading protests against proposed state income tax. He broadcast daily on WWTN, a Columbus Media station.

Similarly, Valentine was born on September 9, 1959. He is 61 years old.

Who Is Phil Valentine Wife Susan Valentine?

Susan Valentine and Phil Valentine are married for 29 years.

There is no core information of Susan’s work and age. Her age must be in her late 50’s.

Phil Valentine Health Status & Update -Is He Dead?

Phil Valentine has covid-19 and is in critical condition. But he is not dead.

On Friday, his family said that Phil was taken to the hospital, and doctors are giving him artificial oxygen while in critical care of Covid Pneumonia.

Phil said that he felt like he would die because it was so difficult.

Previously, Phil mocked at Covid vaccines and didn’t get one himself.

Right now, fans and viewers are wishing that he would die of Covid for locking those covid-19 vaccines.

He regrets and knows the importance of vaccines now.

The situation of Covid-19 is quite deadly now, and such false information from such broadcaster was not the right thing to do.

Susan Valentine Family And Net Worth

Susan and Phil Valentine are married for 39 years.

The couple has three children, Carr, Campbell, and Douglas. Carr is 28 years old, Campbell is 26 years old, and Douglas is 22 years old.

Likewise, Phil’s father is Tim Valentine. Tim is a former six-time Democratic U.S. Representative of Northa Carolina. He is nonetheless, self-described conservative.

Moreover, Phil grew up in Nashville and went to Northern Nash highschool.

He went to North Carolina University and then entered a career in radio.

He also went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting branch campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. Phil’s eldest son also co-hosts with him.

Besides, Phil Valentine has a net worth estimated to be between $1-5 million. His average salary is $33,774 to $112,519 a year.

Valentine’s primary source of income is his radio host show, from which he has accumulated a lot of wealth.

Besides that, he is also an author. He has written three books: The Conservative Handbook, Right from Heart, and Tax Revolt.

He has also launched the production of his documentary, An Inconsistent Truth. He also has some cameos in some movies.