Who Is Tanya Born Acevedo? Meet Art Acevedo Wife On Instagram – Age Wiki

An American police officer and chief of police Art Acevedo married his wife, Tanya Born Acevedo. Get to know more about the police officer’s wife.

Art Acevedo, aka Hubert Arturo Acevedo, is a police officer and chief of police in the Miami Police Department.

He had worked at the Austin Police department and Houston Police Department in the same position before.

After his graduation in 1986 from the training academy, he started his career as a field patrol officer in East Los Angeles.

In 2005, Art was rose to the rank of the chief with CHP.

Tanya Born Acevedo: Art Acevedo Wife

Tanya Born Acevedo is married to her husband Art Acevedo, who is the police officer in the Miami Police department.

There are no particular details on their wedding ceremony or how they met.

However, the couple seems to share a great bond and are living their lives in peace and harmony with their children.

Tanya Born Acevedo Age: How Old Is She?

Tanya Born Acevedo’s age is in between 30 to 40 years.

The actual age of Tanya has not been revealed yet.

Judging by her appearance, she might be in her 30s.

Tanya Born Acevedo Job

Currently, Tanya Born Acevedo is working as a Vice President and CIO at the Miami Dade College.

In September 2021, she joined Miami Dade College as a full-time employee.

Tanya Born Acevedo Wiki

Tanya Born Acevedo’s bio has not been covered on the Wikipedia profile yet.

But her husband, Art Acevedo has been featured on Wikipedia’s official page.

Tanya completed her Bachelor’s study BA, Political Science from Michigan State University.

After that, she joined Central Michigan University in 1991 to complete her MBA, Information Systems, and graduated in 1994.

She started her professional career as a Consultant working as an IT Strategic Manager.

Then from 2004 to 2009, Tanya worked as an IT Program Manager in the County of Orange.

For about eight years, she was appointed as a Chief Information Officer at Travis County.

After that, in July 2017, she joined Houston Airport System as a Chief Technology Officer.

Tanya Born Acevedo does have a lot of experience from her professional career.

Tanya Born Acevedo Children

Tanya and Art together have three adorable children, two sons (Matthew and jake) and a daughter Melissa).

They have not shared any particular information regarding their family and children yet.

Is Tanya Born Acevedo On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Tanya Born Acevedo is not available on Instagram but she seems to be active on Twitter.

Her Twitter account @TanyaBAcevedo has 213 followers and 355 followings.