Who Is TBJZL From Twitch? Everything On Girlfriend, Age and Net Worth

Who Is TBJZL From Twitch? Tobi Brown, who is famous as TBJZL is a Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. He is best known for streaming FIFA gameplay videos, Moreover, he also makes FIFA vlogs, pranks, and challenges. He runs a FIFA series called “Pack a Punch” and occasionally streams GTA V gameplay videos as well. 

NameTobi Brown aka TBJZL
BirthdayApril 8
ProfessionYoutuber/Twitch Streamer
SiblingsTwo brothers

Moreover, Tobis also a member of the gamers group, Sidemen. He collaborated with the other members and makes a lot of prank videos. The guy has two different channels, one for gaming and the other for real-life videos. His brothers frequently appear on his channel. As a football lover who plays FIFA, Tobi supports Manchester United. He is currently based in London though. Besides, he is also a musical artist. His song, Destined for Greatness was number one trending and number 31 in the UK Hits chart. 

10 Facts on TBJZL aka Tobi Brown

  1. TBJZL is an English Youtuber, online gamer, and Twitch Streamer who is known for making FIFA gameplay videos. 
  2. Moreover, his real name is Tobi Brown. He is famous on social media as “TBJZL” and “tobjizzle.”
  3. Tobi doesn’t have a girlfriend for the time being. It seems like he is solely focused on entertaining people. 
  4. As of now, Tobi Brown is just 27 years old. He created his Youtube channel in 2011 and has been active ever since. 
  5. The Youtuber’s net worth is expected to be around $5 Million as of 2020. However, the exact details are yet to be tracked. 
  6. TBJZL doesn’t much talk about his parents and family. He has two brothers, Jed and Emmanuel. He is of Black ethnicity. 
  7. His brother, Emmanuel is also a Youtube star. 
  8. Besides, TBJZL is also a musical artist. His song, Destined for Greatness, was a great hit. 
  9. Moreover, he has two separate youtube channels. The gamer has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram. 
  10. Despite lacking a Wikipedia biography, there is s surplus information about him on his Fandom biography.