Who Is Tom Arnold Ex Wife Ashley Groussman? Everything To Know

Ashley Groussman Arnold is an entrepreneur and the former wife of popular actor and comedian Tom Arnold.

Ashley Groussman is mainly known as the wife of Tom Arnold, who is a popular actor and comedian from Hollywood.

Similarly, as a woman who became famous under the influence of her celebrity spouse, she had made quite a name for herself as well.

She was the 4th wife of Tom, and their marriage was also one that lasted for the longest period among all the other wives before her.

It can be said that she had made many connections while married, which made her business network grow faster.

Who Is Tom Arnold Ex-Wife Ashley Groussman?

Ashley Groussman Arnold is the ex-wife of Tom Arnold, who is famous for his comedic roles, mostly from True Lies (1994).

As the star who worked alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, AKA the Terminator, Tom had quite a boost on his career as an actor.

However, he was not lucky in terms of love as most of his marriages were short-lived, and he would end up being single again.

In that matter, Tom had married Ashley after his marriage with Shelby Roos ended in divorce.

It was stated that they dated and were engaged for quite some time before they finalized their wedding vows at the end of 2009.

Ashley Groussman Age And Net Worth

Ashley Groussman is a woman who seems to be at the age of 40-45 years old, and her estimated net worth would be in millions.

However, details about her exact age and net worth are not yet revealed as per All Star Bio.

Furthermore, Ashley is a woman who has made a name for herself after being separated from her husband starting her own business.

As such, she must have quite a net worth, even considering the fact that her ex-husband has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Ashley Groussman Divorce

Ashley Groussman decided to finalize their divorce during the month of February of the year 2020.

Although they were married for almost 11 years, the couple still decided to separate from each other with mutual understanding.

According to Biogossipy, Tom said that he wanted to set Ashley free to live her life as she has every right to do so.

Similarly, the couple also has decided on equal custody of the two kids that they had while they were married to each other.

Ashley is available on Instagram @agorganizer, which is mainly focused on her home and office space organizer business.