Who Is Zachariah Reitano Partner? Details About Co Founder And CEO At RO

Zachariah Reitano’s long-term partner Cleo Abram advanced to fiance post a year ago.

Zachariah Reitano is the co-founder and CEO at RO.

It is the healthcare technology company that builds patient-centric healthcare system.

Who Is Zachariah Reitano Partner?

Zachariah Reitano’s partner is named Cleo Constantine Abram.

The exciting part is that both of them already got engaged in July 2020, and Reitano calls his partner as his fiance now.

What’s more, he co-parents his pet Thor with her partner Cleo, whom the latter deems herself as a dog mom.

Zachariah’s partner-turned-fiance is a Vox video producer, and her credit includes Explained on Netflix.

What Is Zachariah Reitano Net Worth?

Zachariah Reitano’s net worth might have seen an increment in these years, given Ro’s valuation at billions.

Following the hundreds and millions of revenue generated by the company yearly, Reitano might have been remunerated quite well. Similarly, the online medical startup had valued itself at $1.5 billion in 2020 after it raised $200 million in financing.

Zachariah Reitano Father And Family

Zachariah Reitano’s father, Mr. Reitano, is an expert in sexual health matters.

He belongs to a pharmacist family, so his entrepreneurial ideas might have risen from his home, especially his father.

The Columbia University alum tried to recreate his dad with software. Her dad always being the first call for both him, his family, and his friends, Zachariah dedicated the medical RO software, particularly for his dad.

In simple terms, his home was a pharmacy point for all his familiar ones.

Zachariah Reitano Age And Wikipedia

Zachariah Reitano is aged 29 years old, as noted in Fortune.

Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Zachariah Reitano’s separate Wikipedia is missing. Nonetheless, he is featured on his co-founded company Ro’s wiki.

As per the site, Zachariah’s experience with erectile dysfunction resulted in to him co-found Roman(Ro).

His LinkedIn account also gives insights on his educational background and work experience.