Who Was Abbey Renner Oklahoma?

Abbey Renner was a second-year medical student in Oklahoma who is now reportedly dead.

She was a diligent student who was always ahead of the pack with her clear motives. She was working hard to get to that point in her life.

Her life as a medical student was dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes.

Renner had a long-time vision of providing a diabetes awareness program at Xavier Medical Clinic for free, after graduating as a certified doctor.

The University’s website further mentions that her goal was inspired by a very close person of her, who was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back.

Abbey Renner Death Cause And Obituary

Abbey Renner’s death cause was not mentioned in the obituary which talked about her passing.

While there is no link to the official obituary at the time of writing, some of her known ones opened up about the incident.

As they said about her demise, no specific cause was revealed.

So, it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact reason since she was still a young student.

It doesn’t look like she was suffering from any kind of illness. So, it can be sudden death.

Regardless, we will have to wait till further information on this matter pops up, to get the full knowledge of the incident.

Abbey Renner Age And Wiki

The Oklahoma State University student, Abbey Renner, was 24 years old when she passed away.

She was born around 1996/97 in the United States although the details about her early age are unavailable.

Abbey also played college basketball for two years when she joined the University at the age of around 20.

Since she was not some kind of celebrity person, there is no Wikipedia bio of the late lady.