Who Was Ana Abulaban? TikTok Star jinnkid Aka Ali Nasser Abulaban Killed His Own Wife

Ana Abulaban and her companion was shot and killed by her husband, TikTok star Ali Nasser Abulaban. He is now facing murder accusations. Let us explore what has happened.

Ana Abulaban was shot to death by her husband jinnkid Aka Ali Nasser Abulaban, a TikTok celebrity.

Now, he has been charged with the murders of his wife and another man, Rayburn Cardenas Barron who was with her wife at the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex last Thursday.

The victims were discovered dead in the living room of an apartment on the 35th floor of the complex on Island Avenue after police were contacted about 3:10 p.m. that day.

Following that, Ali Nasser Abulaban is accused of both murders, as well as claims of employing a firearm in the killings and a special circumstance charge of multiple murders. If he is convicted and prosecutors chose to pursue capital punishment, he might face the death sentence.

Learn About Ana Abulaban Family

Speaking of Ana Abulaban’s family, there is not much to tell at this time.

She does, however, have a five-year-old child with her husband. The child is currently being cared for by other family members.

Who Was Ana Abulaban?

Ana Abulaban was best recognized as the wife of Ali Nasser Abulaban, a TikTok celebrity. She has also a Tiktok account under the username @anamacewindu.

As per Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast, Ana was attempting to leave the marriage, in part because of a previous domestic violence incident in which her spouse pushed her.

Ana requested her husband to leave their apartment on October 18, but he surreptitiously made a copy of the key.

On October 21, he entered the apartment using the duplicated key, vandalized it, and then put an app on his daughter’s iPad that allowed him to listen in on live chats.

He traveled to the apartment complex from a Mission Bay hotel where he was staying after hearing his wife and another guy in the apartment over the app and shot both dead.

After committing a crime Abulaban allegedly confessed the shooting to his mother in a phone call.

He is still being jailed without bail and is scheduled to appear in court for a status conference on Thursday.

Ana Abulaban Age: How Old Was She?

Ana Abulaban age was 28 years old when she was brutally killed. Whereas her husband Ali Nasser Abulaban is currently 29 years old.

Rayburn Cardenas Barron was also 29 years old man whose death suspect is also Ali Nasser.