Who Was Keith De Lacy Wife Yvonne De Lacy? 

Keith De Lacy was married to his wife, Yvonne De Lacy, who also had a series of illnesses just like the politician himself.

The pair met when Keith was still a movie politician and knew little about labor reform and safeguarding laws.

Keith and Yvonne De Lacy were married for more than four long decades, and their bond grew stronger with every passing year post their marriage.

They lived by the Brisbane shores, while Yvonne was initially been from Cairns.

Keith had long battled cancer complications, whereas Yvonne suffered from kidney malfunction and pneumonia.

In 2014, Yvonne developed some passivity in both her kidneys and required constant dialysis for medication.

Out of all love for her, her husband Keith donated one of his kidneys for her well-being; the pair matched as they did.

In 2018 she was briefly hospitalized after contracting pneumonia, and the case worsened at the Mater Private Hospital of Brisbane.

She died of pneumonia in 2018 at the age of 74 and left behind three children and five grandchildren for her loving and now alone husband.

Yvonne’s funeral was held in K.M. Funeral Home from Bowen Hill, an institute designated for committal services since 1883.

How Did Politician Keith De Lacy Die? Death Cause Revealed

Labor treasurer and reputed politician Keith De Lacy died on November 25, 2021, after a long-fought battle with cancer.

Keith was living life in solitude after his loving wife Yvonne suffered from pneumonia in 2018 and died shortly after her admittance to the Brisbane hospital.

Keith’s death has shocked the entire Queensland governing bodies and his sheer supporters, who loved the old politician for his revised approach and labor reform acts.

Formerly a coal miner and farmer, Keith entered politics only later in his life but then garnished his image so brilliantly that he served smoothly as the MP for about 15 years.

Take A Look At Keith De Lacy’s Loving Kids and Family

Keith De Lacy was survived by his three daughters Jonnie, Jackie, Toni Lacy, and his five grandchildren.

Keith shared his last goodbye with his loving wife Yvonne back in 2018, and since then, he has been spending time with his three daughters.

The family used to reside in the Brisbane residence home. Still, recently Keith was moving around his daughter’s marriage homes to spend some quality time with his grandkids, especially during his cancer medication phase.