Zakia Seddiki Wikipedia: Luca Attanasio Wife And Family Facts To Know

Zakia Seddiki is not on Wikipedia. However, her husband Luca Attanasio recently got an official bio

Zakia is best known for being the wife of the Italian ambassador, Luca. He was killed in an ambush that took place during the UN convoy in Congo. The convoy went under attack and the ambassador was shot. 

The believed diplomat died at the age of 43. Even though he is gone, he is kept alive by his wife and family. We forward our deepest condolences to her. 

Zakia Seddiki Age: How old?

Zakia Seddiki’s age is unknown. Although, her husband was 46 at the time of death. 

Moreover, Zakia Seddiki is a social servant herself as well. She fought for society ever since she was a child. It resulted in her founding an NGO called “Mama Sofia” in 2017. She is the president of the organization which helps to uplift the living standards of street children. 

Zakia And Luca Children and Family

Zakia Seddiki has three children. And all of them are daughters. 

After tieing the knots with Attanasio in 2015, she, along with her husband, quickly relocated to the Democratic Republic of Congo. They met for the first time in Casablanca, Morocco during a diplomatic settlement. The couple was together ever since. Moreover, Zakia has three daughters. 

Quick Facts:

NameZakia Seddiki
ProfessionSocial Worker
HusbandLuca Attanasio

Some Unknown Facts about Zakia Seddiki

  1. Zakia Seddiki is a Moroccan by nationality. She relocated first to Italy and then to Congo after her marriage. 
  2. In 2020, she received the award “Nassiriya International Peace Prize 2020” in collaboration with her husband. 
  3. She is the president of a non-governmental organization, Mama Sofia. It helps street children. 
  4. Her husband was killed in a UN convoy mission in Congo. The World Food Programme mission was sent to end disputes crawling in the country. 
  5. However, an unknown group of people tried to kidnap him and killed him in the process. May his departed soul rest in peace.