98 Degrees’s Never Let Go Lyrics

I never thought I could be
the man that I see before me
when I look in your eyes
as you try not to cry
It’s pain I see

Now I know that what I’ve done is wrong
and I know that it’s hard to be strong
when all’s hurting inside you from all of the lies
it last so long

So let me hold you
here in my arms and console you
keep you safe from the harm that you felt before
I will give you more
baby promise you’ll try to hold on

~CHORUS~ Look in my eyes
Look in my heart
Look in my soul girl it’s torn all apart
Look at my pride
laid down on the floor
praying you give us just one more chance
to love like before
Let me love you some more

How could I ever let go
of the one true love I’ll ever know
every night girl I pray that it isn’t to late
to hold you close
can I bring you in from the rain and protect you
take away all the pain that you felt back then
we can love again
girl I know that was the plan


Baby I swear that I’ll give you more
all the good things your hearts looking for
now girl please don’t walk away
trust me when I say
you have all of my love…