CB Milton’s If You Say High Lyrics

‘Cause if you say high
I’ll get high, as high
As high as I can go
If you say try
I will try and try and try
I’ll be around

Play with me
Get it on with me
Take control of me
You’ve got me yearning, yearning
Groove with me
Turn it loose on me
Make your move on me
I am burning, burning

Please don’t fail to understand
No other girl, no other man
Can thrill me, thrill me baby, thrill me, thrill me baby
Please don’t fail to understand
My life is in your hands
You could kill me, kill me baby, kill me, kill me baby

Play with me
Do your thing on me
Don’t go soft on me
And make me feel you, feel you
Yearn for me
Come and learn with me
Let it go on me
I wanna hear you, hear you