Indigo Girls’s History Of Us Lyrics

I went all the way to Paris to forget your face
Captured in stained glass, young lives long since passed
Statues of lovers every place
I went all across the continent to relieve this restless love
I walked through the ruins, icons of glory
Smashed by the bombs from above
So we must love while these moments are still called today
Take part in the pain of this passion play
Stretched our youth as we must, until we are ashes to dust
Until time makes history of us.
Jeu de Paume’s full of faces knowing peace, knowing strife
Leisure and toil, still it’s canvas and oil
There’s just no medium for life
In the midst of the rubble I felt a sense of rebirth
In a dusty cathedral the living God called
And I prayed for my life here in earth
There are mountains in Switzerland, brillian cold as they stand
From my hotel room, watching the half-moon
Bleeding its light like a lamb
And the town is illuminated, its tiny figures are fast asleep
And it dawns on me the time is upon me
To return to the flock I must keep.