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The impact created by modern communication equipment generally to the economy especially to the job efficiency of the secretary is to be research

    With the introduction of modern equipment, so much has been achieved. The secretary cannot be very effective in the discharging of her | his duties without equipments. This calls for the aculareness of these equipments to different organizations where the services of the secretary is needed. In this study, we will discuss the above issue and also the problems that are likely to be encountered by secretaries using these modern communication equipments.
       In resent years, large business organization have been changing from the messengers system to inter – office telephone extensions for quick communication, from hand written address to addressing machines, and with the entrance of computer, nearly all office manuel works have been reduced.
       All these machines are aimed at eliminating delays to the secretary and improving the efficiency of the secretary’s job. The secretary could not perform their tasks satisfactorily if the use of modern communication equipments is not in existence.
     Communication is a process of (reacting) transmitting and interpreting facts, opinions and feelings. All the years go by, the world continues to writness dramatic changes and developments in every aspect of the secretarial Administration. In organization, communication is generally through of in terms of the media of communication example, giving instructions, interviewing, charging meetings etc. it is widely considered that organizational elements of management should concern itself with the system and environment with which communication functions.
    Communication can be regarding as the foundation upon which organization and administration must be built. Therefore, I will focus attention on home the modern communication is today becoming more complex in its composition and equipment being used. Some of the equipments  include telephone, fax machine, tel       , telex, inter-communication telephone system conference telephone, computer, internet, e-mail .All these ratio- computer communication message are technically innovated which supports the natural ways of which people work.
     The core course in secretarial administration includes typewriting, shorthand and office administration and can got into work as a secretary, he must undergo those courses which will help him or her in the manipulation of the equipments. In response to the increasing and essential demand for well traived  secretaries, the government has been doing its  best  to see that adequate attention is given to secretarial studies. No under why this course is being offered both in the universities and polytechinue  and has been making it’s possible best to train specialists who will in turn train many people to serve as secretaries in order to hand and operate the modern communication equipments effectively in the offices. It does is by prouiding good modern communication equipment to offices, for which FBN is one of them.