Project Topics

Impact of breath away programme cross river television programme as related to children’s social behavioural problems


1.1. Background of the study
This chapter gives us an introduction to the research „‟Impact of Breath away (CRBC TV) as related to children behavioral problems (A study of Yakurr Local Government Area).
The mass media is the means of passing information through the use of various channels or media (television, radio, newspaper e.t.c.) to a large heterogeneous crowd. The mass media is a significant force in modern culture, communities and individual are bombarded constantly with messages from a multitude of sources mainly television, billboard and magazine. The messages of the media promote not only moods, attitudes and a sense of what is and not important. In this study we are focusing on the electronic form of communication.

The television is a system of sending and receiving pictures and sound by means of electronic signals transmitted through wires and optical fibers or by electronic magnetic radiation. Television is the most widespread form of communication in the world. These widespread availability and exposure makes the television the primary focus of most mass media discussions. Therefore television plays a role in grooming of culture or social behavior of lives.
Television has become one of the most powerful times activity ever since its birth in Nigeria it has shared pattern of behavior. Television has educated, informed entertained individuals in so many ways. Television has also brought about cultural pollution of cultural beliefs and norms. Television Is a telecommunication for transmitting in receiving moving images that can be monochrome (black and white) or colored with or without accompanying sound. Television may also refer specifically to a television set, television programming or television transmission.

Programming is broadcast by television stations sometimes called „channels‟ as a vehicle for entertainment and news. Since the 1950s television has been the main medium for molding public opinion.