Project Topics

Influence of advertisement on consumer behaviour


The aim of embarking on this study was to provide a well detailed account on the Influence of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior using Isiama Afara Community as the case study. The Researcher used survey Research Design in the collection of the data. Because it is easier to sought peoples’ opinion using Questionnaire. Stratified Sampling Method are used to get the sample size for this study is 200 .Data gathered from the study were analyzed, tested and interpreted using sample percentage frequency table.

The researcher was able to find out that majority of the respondents own television set and view the Milo product advert. The theory that led support to this work is cultivation theory. The researcher therefore recommends that adverting should be real and interesting so as to call and retain prospective buyers for the advertised product. And also the manufacturers of Milo beverages should try as much as possible to make their advert consistent in order to increase awareness an more patronage for consumers.