Project Topics



Knowledge could only be obtained successfully by the use of book for research but unfortunately because of hard times, books have become very expensive.  This is called for presentation of books already purchased whether in the library or on the household so that it can be used by the future generation.  There could only be done by stacking books systematically on a book rack where by it can be file from rats and other insects that could blestroy books.

Our aim contribution to this development is the design and manufacture of a book rack that will be economically cheap and at the same time meet up its demands.

Book racks could be made with metals or wood.  Again they could be attacked to the wall or they could be made standby on the floor.  Our book rack will be of metal and made to stand on the floor.



A bookshelf is an invention with partition where books and files are packed on offices, libraries and even homes.

          A bookshelf can be wooden, metallic or even glass.  They can also be dismountable and undismountable.  In our project, we dedicated to design and fabricate on undismountable met6allic bookshelves.  Certain advantages were considered before starting off this project.  An undismountable metallic bookshelf, if built with lart and serer its purpose.  Also, lose of parts, 9of many dismountable bookshelf led into considering one undismountable type.


This description of the bookshelf is as shown in fig. (I) and fig. (2), is made up of the following:

1                   The sides

2                    The back

3                   The partition

4                   The frame work.


The sides of the bookshelf is as shown in the figure provided (fig2).  8it is made up of the square pipe frame and mild steel material welded to it.  Each side is specially designed to act as the support in carrying the load undress any stress.  The load displays on the system.  The sides are lent at 90o to each other, giving the system a more rigid frame work.

The sides measures 1500mm Height, 1200mm Width, 500mm the dept.


          The back of the book shelf is shown in the figure provided (fig2).  It is made up of the same metallic mild steel used for the side, it is welded to the square pipe frame and 6the sides at angle of 90o.  its measurement is 1200mm.

                   With a thicken of 3mm.

          Since the back serves as a cover sort of to the system, a metallic sheet with a higher this chime in chosen so as to withstand rush, corrosion, intensity and weight of the system that is why one choose a material of 3mm thicken.


          Our bookrack was designed to have 3 partitions be on to able to contain large number of books.  The partitions is as shown in the figure measuring 5 fit length, 4ft width and 2ft deep.  The material used for the partition in a mild steel materials.  This is so because each portion is designed to carry a maximum load of at a time.

          This partition is added to the square bar frame side and back of the bookrack making a more rigid frame workout of the system.

The volume of the partition and the arenas calculated as follow:


The frame is the skeleton of the whole system, it is made of 1inch square pipe. This frame was first erected together by welding, before the sheets for the sides, back and partition where attacked to it.

The frame was designed to withstand the stress that will be exerted on it by both the sheets and the load.  The tensile stress that will be exerted on the frame was calculated.


          The doors is of two parts the upper poin6t and the lower part, the upper part encloses the first two partition of the upper chamber which is of guaze.  The guaze is also welded to it.

They lower part which encloses the last partition of the shelf, this door is made of steel, sheet and frame which is welded on to a hinge to help in open and closing.

The door also has a handle to aid in the movement.

          The doors were designed for measure sayly of the book from rodents and tempering by introduce.