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This research work is designed to study the need of HIV education among youths, a case study of Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. The result of this project attempts to examine finding, recommendations and postulate and suggestion were made for further research into other areas. The resear5ch instrument include the questionnaire and interview from data for data collections, the data collected were analyzed using simple percentage. The research was conducted by giving recommendations on findings and the finding are:

1.   It has been agreed that a child is expected to benefit from the instruction of HIV education at the secondary school level in view of this statement Currie (1956) said that teaching of HIV education to children in lesson is also a suitable method.

2.   The findings also revealed that most students and teachers agreed that it will be effective to introduce the teaching of HIV education in senior secondary schools. This statement is further confirmed by Taylor (1996) that it is now realized that, it is much better for young people or student to face up the fact that they have sexual desire and recognize that it is entirely natural. Any problem that arises can be dealt with more effectively than when children are denied or disallowed to the access of HIV education and what it presents.

3.   The finding further stated that school teachers have been found to be the most effective people to handle this course in secondary schools, because teachers according to their nature and training background stands a better chance of delivering the subject; there is need for the subject but the lecture method as been shown to be the most suitable method.

4.   The finding further discovered that to make teaching of HIV education effective student should be mixed up in the same classroom to receive lecture.


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Students are so anxious about themselves and all that affect their lives. Sometimes they ask certain questions about themselves which requires parent/guardians response they ask questions such as where do bodies comes from, why do bodies need father etc they equally ask questions based on films, audio, television programme watched and magazines they read. The secondary school and society at large have now realized that most students in the secondary schools are ignorant of the virus called human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) in order to educate the student on HIV issues, the need for HIV education should be included and also considered in Nigeria and also in secondary schools.

        Hunan immunodeficiency virus (HIV) education provides factual knowledge which is essential to the prevention of the virus. It is a pathogen that destroys infection in the body. HIV simply means virus that causes infection/illness that can cause AIDs abbreviation acquired immune deficiency. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cause breakdown of the body ability to fight other infections. Historical background of the study source the oldest village among the southern state found about nine hundred democrat boundary between Ondo and Edo State respectively. Egor Local Government is made up of different tribe such as the Benin, Ibo, Ijaws etc. Educationally study area is not lagging behind today, it has about 28 secondary schools.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM                                     

        The teaching of human immune deficiency virus (HIV) in our secondary school is very vital for both male and female students. But the topic has not been viewed from the right perspective. Students should know the meaning of human immune deficiency virus causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Aids are a condition that results when infection with HIV causes a breakdown of the body’s ability to fight other infections.

        Students in the secondary school in the study area Egor Local Government Area of Edo State in general. This study is therefore being carried out to find out all about the following:

–          Reasons why one need universal precautions to protect one from HIV status

–          How HIV infection progresses to Aids

–          Latest treatment for HIV and AIDs

–          Ways and treatment for HIV infections


        It is observed that HIV education is not adequately taught in schools. In Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, there is actually the need for the study of HIV education at this level of learning, because the (male and female) have reached virus and puberty state and they are ignorant of the things happening in particularly having unprotected sex which can cause conception.

 Finally, the research is designed to assist educational planners, parents, teachers and students in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.


        The following research questions are formulated to guide the study;

i.             Do you think HIV education should be taught in senior secondary schools?

ii.            Should HIV education be taught by female teachers alone?

iii.          Does your religion disallow teaching of HIV education?

iv.          Does your school authority encourage the teaching of HIV education?

v.           Does HIV show in the face?

vi.          Should we avoid sex if one of the opposite sex have open sore or any sexually transmitted infection?

vii.        Is it advisable to have sex with only your partner?

viii.       Can transmission of HIV take place when you share unsterilized sharp object?

ix.          When you have sexual contact with somebody that is infected with HIV will you also be infected?

x.           Should we abstain from sex until we get married to a partner known and tested?

xi.          Is HIV curable?

xii.        Is it a deadly disease?

xiii.       Does a person infected with HIV losses weight?

xiv.      Does prostitution or indecent sex cause HIV?

xv.        Should we carefully handle sharp object so as not to be infected?

xvi.      Can pregnant mothers or nursing mothers who is infected with HIV infect their babies?

xvii.     Will teaching of HIV be encourage in your school?

xviii.    Should youth, students be discipline and also have self control?

xix.      Should we get married to an infected person?


        The importance of this study is to bring to the knowledge of the public the need for HIV education in senior secondary schools.

        This study will encourage the people in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State to be more interested how HIV education is contaminated and how to prevent HIV.


        Most student are within the age period of adolescent, this period of human development is known as a period of storm and stress. The period is also complicated and those who fall within it need special guidance by their parents, teachers, brothers and sisters in other to achieve self-satisfaction in life.

The study is aimed at handling the student to a brighter future in terms of what to do and experience later in life. The student need to know themselves and other vital information associated with HIV education. The study further provides concretes answers to the problem of teaching HIV education so as to generate better understanding of how we intend to forward, certain suggestions to the authorities, parents, teachers, and the general community to develop interest.