Leo Glore

Leo Glore is one of the famous Jeweler from New York, the United States is known for his work in the field of fashionable and unique jewelry he has been producing and selling from his shop Glore Jewelry.

Furthermore, he has been gaining more attention and hype recently for his appearance in the show Below Deck aired from Bravo television based on the Mediterranean region and in the fifth edition of the show.

Being the friend of Justin Thornton gave him the chance to appear in the show where he is gaining love and followers. Similarly, the owner of Glore Jewelry will be more available in the show in the coming episodes to make you love him more. Yeah !! you want to know more about him so we have collected ten interesting facts about him in the list below.

NameLeo Glore


10 Facts on Leo Glore:

  1. Leo Glore is the famous Jeweler who owns the Glore Jewelry from New York, United States.
  2. About his birth, he was born and raised in the United States but details about his birthday are not known yet.
  3. Recent pictures and videos from him suggest that he is at the age of the late twenties in the year 2020.
  4. Below the Deck, a show aired from Bravo tv gave him the new attention and spotlight making him popular even more.
  5. Despite being famous for his works in the field of television and pieces of jewelry, he lacks a wiki-bio.
  6. Talking about his job, he is the owner of a popular Jewelry shop at New York named Glore Jewelry.
  7. In social media, he is well followed in Instagram with more than eight thousand users.
  8. Also, from his post on Instagram, we knew that he is living luxurious life although details about his net worth and salary are not known.
  9. Information about his family is not known.
  10. Similarly, details about his relationship status are not known.