Like Nastya

Like Nastya is a popular Russian-American YouTuber. She is one of the biggest kid YouTuber. Moreover, the girl has gained over 50 million subscribers and has 10 YouTube channels. Among them, she has got 4 diamond play buttons.

NameLike Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)
Birthday27 January 2014
Age6 years old
Salary$18 million
YoutubeLike Nastya

10 Facts on Like Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

  1. Like Nastya (born on 27 January 2014) is a Russian-American YouTuber. She is 6 years old and has a zodiac sign of Aquarius. Unlike most YouTubers, she is of the least age.
  2. Like Nastya was born in Russia. But she and her family migrated to Florida, United States. Likewise, the girl’s real name is Anastasia Radzinskaya. Also, she is known as Stacy.
  3. Anastasia is a beautiful girl. She has blonde hair and lovely eyes. The girl is intellectual as well. In addition, she is a bilingual as she speaks Russian and English.
  4. Stacy was born with a condition, cerebral palsy. The doctors thought that she will never be able to speak. Her parents thus started to make her videos to check up on her progress.
  5. The videos were loved by other people as well. That’s when they created a YouTube channel and uploaded her videos. As of now, the girl has a total of 10 YouTube channels.
  6. The channels include “Like Nastya”, “Like Nastya Stories”, “Like Nastya VNM”, “Like Nastya Show” and more. She has millions of viewers and subscribers. However, the highest of them all is 52.8 million subscribers on Like Nastya.
  7. Anastasia is born to lovely parents. She gathered all the attention and care because of her family. Among all, her dad is one of the loveliest and fun person as seen on YouTube.
  8. Stacy is one of the YouTubers with 4 diamond play buttons. Moreover, in 2019, Forbes recorded her as the most wealthy YouTubers. Her yearly income in 2019 was $18 million. Besides, her net worth is not revealed.
  9. Any details on her house and cars are unknown. But as per Forbes, she will launch new toys, mobile games and books soon.
  10. Anastasia has an Instagram account where she often goes live. Likewise, she has gained 95.2 K followers.