Marie Everett

Marie Everett is an American actress who is popular for her work in movies like What Happened to Monday (2017), Robin Hood: The Rebellion (2018), and Star Wars: Origins (2019). She gained popularity after her work in ‘Star Wars: Origins’.

She is a talented actress and has the ability to perform any kind of role effortlessly. You can see the confidence an actor needs in her eyes when she faces the camera. She has been acting for a while now and we hope to see more of her work in the future.

NameMarie Everett
Age25-30 Years
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight60 KG


10 Facts on Marie Everett

  1. Marie Everett is an American actress who is popular for her work as an actress in ‘What Happened to Monday’, ‘Robin Hood: The Rebellion’, and ‘Star Wars: Origins’ among others.
  2. Her actual date of birth is not available but according to her looks, she must be aged between 25-30 years.
  3. Marie Everett has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches.
  4. She has not spoken publicly about her family which is why there is no information about her parents on the internet.
  5. As per the various online magazines, Marie Everett is single as of now and we will update as soon as there is any news about her boyfriend.
  6. Despite making a huge amount of money every year, Marie Everett has not revealed her net worth yet.
  7. Marie Everett has been acting from a very young age and is very passionate about acting. She took part in the school acts like a child.
  8. She is also a trained dancer and knows hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary forms of dance.
  9. Although Marie Everett is famous and has played famous movies, she does not have a Wikipedia bio yet. However, she has a bio on IMDb which you can read here.
  10. She is active on both Twitter and Instagram and has 336 followers on Instagram.