Nicole Comstock

Nicole Comstock is an American journalist who is working for KCBS-TV as a reporter. She is based in Los Angeles, U.S.

Furthermore, she runs an Instagram page under the name of @cbslanicole and her twitter account is @ComstockNEWS.

NameNicole Comstock

10 Facts of Nicole Comstock

  1. Nicole Comstock is an American Journalist who is working for CBSLA and KCAL9 as a reporter.
  2. The exact details of her birthday are still missing but she seems to be in her mid 20’s
  3. She was born in LA and was raised by her parents with her siblings. Other than that there is no information regarding her early life.
  4. Being a journalist means having a degree in broadcast journalism and she surely has it. But at the moment, the information regarding her educational background is a mystery.
  5. Nicole says that even though she is a reporter she is a storyteller at heart and wants to tell stories that are impactful to the youth.
  6. She runs an Instagram page under the name @cbslanicole and her twitter account is @COMSTOCKNews.
  7. In her career, she has worked for many reputed organizations like KCBS-TV, KAMR-TV, WISH-TV, etc.
  8. Nicole also shares news on her twitter page and helps to raise awareness among youth.
  9. The ravishing blonde stands tall at a considerable height but the details regarding her body measurements are still missing.
  10. According to various media sources, her current net worth in the market is yet to be estimated.