Samma Ibrahim Age, Height, And Instagram: 10 Facts To Know About

Samma Ibrahim is an honored actress known for his tremendous performances in Egyptian movies and series.

NameSamma Ibrahim

Samma doesn’t actually have a movie background. Also, she never chose acting as her first career option. However, her interest in the entertainment field slowly grew.

As we are talking about the actress Samma, how can we miss her new series? Well, she is one of the lead cast of the latest Netflix series “Paranormal”.

Moreover, the series is the 1st Egyptian show to be streamed on Netflix. And, people started keeping high expectations about this drama as soon as the trailer released.

Even with the trailer of “Paranormal”, we can experience thriller, suspense, and something that will bind us to the screen and bring our desire to do binge-watch on Netflix.

10 Facts On Samma Ibrahim 

  1. Samma Ibrahim is an Egyptian actress featured in various genres of TV shows, movies, and web series.
  2. She lacks a Wikipedia page. However, that doesn’t measure how great an actress she is. Besides, our article is here to help you know facts about her.
  3. Prior to acting, she was a decor designer. And, she served at the Egyptian Opera House for a few years.
  4. She entered showbiz through theatres. And, she began playing theatre roles to improve her acting skills.
  5. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t prefer to disclose her height or body measurements.
  6. You can guess how strictly she maintains her privacy from her hidden age and date of birth.
  7. Details regarding family and parents are sealed as of now. She prefers keeping their life unlinked from the media exposures.
  8. Samma is a trained actress who graduated from the Academy of Arts in art criticism and fine arts.
  9. Besides, she is also a writer and director. 
  10. Some of her Egyptian Tv shows are “Mamlakat Iblis”, “Al Ab Al  Rohy”, etc.