Simone Norman

Simone Norman is a popular actress, writer, and comedian. She has been performing  Improv, Sketch, and standup. Her Creative writing skills are what people are passionate about. Simone adds humorous satires which makes her writing unique.

Simone is more emerging on the public figure since she worked on ‘Tooning Out Of News‘,2020. She is very appreciated by the public on her latest work.

NameSimone Norman
Height5 feet 4 inches

10 Facts On Simone Norman

  1. Simon Norman is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Us. She appears on different stage shows around the city.
  2. The actual birth date and age of pretty Saimon is yet not revealed. Anyway, by her physical appearance, she is most likely to be in her late-twenties.
  3. Beautiful Simone stands at the height of 5’4″ tall which is 162 in cm. That is petty average height among the general people.
  4. In regards to her relationship status, She has not publicly revealed precise details about her relationship status however she has posted some pictures of her boyfriend on her Instagram account. 
  5. Dashing Simone weighs around 145 lbs which is 66 in kg.
  6. Simone is a versatile actress and she is not focused on a particular field rather she is found working on different independent films, web series, and national commercial campaigns.
  7. Simone is very humble in nature. She loves dogs and has posted several pictures of her pet dog on her Instagram account.
  8. There is no  Wikipedia on Simone. But as her demand is taking a good pace hopefully, we will find Simone on Wikipedia soon.
  9. Simone started her career as a model and got into the showbiz industry later. However, she is gaining more active in her current profession, as an actress.
  10. You can find Simone on Instagram as localhunny. She is very active on her Instagram account and keeps her followers updated about herself.