Sinan Aral Wikipedia, Age, Origin: Everything To Know About

Sinan Aral is a famous data scientist, entrepreneur, investor, and professor. 

Sinan is widely known for his knowledge and ideas in Management, IT, Marketing, and Data Science. He is also an author of the book, The Hype Machine, which released in 2020. 

Quick Facts: Sinan Aral Wikipedia, Age, Origin: Everything To Know About

NameSinan Aral
Married/SingleUnder Review
Education Harvard College

10 Facts About Sinan Aral

  1. Sinan Aral is a professor at MIT, and also the director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE).
  2. Sinan Aral has not disclosed his birthday on the social platform. However, as per his designation and appearance, his age might be in the early forties. 
  3. Although there are no official details about the nationality of Sinan Aral, we prefer to call him an American. Since he works at MIT and resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is obvious for the details to be relatable. 
  4. Sinan is active on the social media platform spreading his views and opinions. He holds an Instagram and a verified Twitter handle. His Instagram handle has 3.1k adherents and his Twitter has 52.6k followers.
  5. The verified net worth of Sinan is currently not available on our records. However, it is for sure that he earns a healthy amount from his profession. 
  6. Besides as an MIT professor, he is currently on the Advisory Boards of the Alan Turing Institute and the Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation in Bergen, Norway.
  7. Aral has worked jointly with various social platforms, including WeChat, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, and many other leading Fortune 500 firms. He worked on realizing business value from social media, big data analytics, and IT investments.
  8. Sinan is presently the partner at Manifest Investment Partners LLC and the chair of marketing and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  9. He is highly educated with a dual master’s degree. He graduated from Northwestern University. His dual master’s degree is in Economics & Political Science, and President & Fellows.
  10. Sinan has won numerous awards, including the Microsoft Faculty Fellowship, an NSF CAREER Award, the PopTech Science Fellowship, the Jamieson Award for Teaching Excellence, and more than ten best paper awards.