Sweet And Salty Lyrics Tik Tok: ‘Wasabi’ Lyrics From Tik Tok

TikTok is a trendsetter app. Every single day a new TikTok trend outshine. Lately, TikTok stars have made Lee Harding’s Wasabi popular on TikTok. ‘Wasabi’ aka Sweet and Salty lyrics has taken over the TikTok app. 

Furthermore, TikTokers are creating various videos on this song. Lee Harding’s Wasabi is now a budding hit on TikTok.

Dou you want to know why people choose this song mostly in their TikTok videos? How Sweet and Salty lyrics became famous on social media? To date, how many TikTok compilations have been made using this song in the background? Read the article to know interesting facts related to this.

TikTok Compilation on ‘Wasabi’ Lyrics

‘Wasabi’ is undoubtedly one of those songs which stuck in your head and you keep on singing those hook time and again throughout the day. The most famous lyrics of Wasabi on which TikTok compilations have been made is “Lick Me Up, I am Sweet and Salty”. 

‘Wasabi’ is a song by famous Australian singer “Lee Harding”. When I heard those lines first, I could instantly memorize it. In fact, I was singing this line the whole day.

The lyrics became a trend on TikTok because of its catchy hook and music.

Famous TikTok stars like Charlie D’ Amelio, Josh Richards have made lip-sync videos, dance videos, comedic videos on ‘Wasabi’. Watch a TikTok compilation of Wasabi from TikTok here.

Sweet and Salty Lyrics TikTok Trend

Sweet and Salty lyrics TikTok videos became once of the long-lasting TikTok trends. Until the date, over 2million videos have been created using these lyrics. 

Not to mention, the number is growing every day making it a budding hit. I don’t think it’s hard to say why people chose Sweet and Salty to make TikTok videos. Not only a TikTok trend but the song also became every single person’s anthem.