The Voice Siala Robson Gender Revealed: Is Siala Robson Girl or Boy?

Siala Robson is an Australian singer and songwriter. She recently presented her singing talent in the stage of The Voice Australia.

NameSiala Robson
BirthdayIn 2002
Age18 Years old
ProfessionSinger and songwriter
Net WorthUnder Review

Siala was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. Her mother raised her single-handedly alongside her 5 siblings. She spent difficult childhood days due to economic issues. Moreover, She had a different sexual preference.

Siala Robson Gender: Boy or Girl?

Talking about her gender, she was born a female. Yet, she likes to dress as a Tomboy. Her behaviour and style are also quite like a male. She has not officially announced it. However, she is gay.

Moving on, Her audience turned out to be a mindblowing moment in the show. She was one of the fastest contestants to get 4 buzzers i.e 55 seconds. Also, she presented her self-made song ‘Other Than You’.

10 Facts About Siala Robson

  1. Siala Robson (born in 2002) is an Australian singer. She auditioned for The Voice Australia. 
  2. Boy George will help the singer achieve the win in The Voice Australia. Out of all four judges, She chose to join Team George.
  3. Her age is only 18 years old. However, her birthdate is still not revealed.
  4. Her height is also not mentioned. She stands at a decent height of about 5 feet and a few inches.
  5. Moving on, her net worth is still under review. Also, she didn’t have any source of income for now.
  6. Talking about her family, she was born to an African woman. Her name is not available for now.
  7. She has 4 siblings. She is the oldest among all of her siblings.
  8. Being the elder kid of the family, she has a few responsibilities on her. It is probably the reason behind her single relationship status.
  9. Siala is looking forward to winning the show. Also, she has to work hard for her family.
  10. Lastly, she has around 6 hundred followers in Instagram.