Who Is Dr Parkinstine TikTok? Everything To Know About

Dr. Parkinstine is a web star popularly known for his TikTok videos. 

NameDr Parkinstine
Height5 feet and 8 inches (approx)
ProfessionWeb Star
YoutubeParker Edmondson

Parkinstine is mainly known for testing as well as repairing antiques including gramophone. His videos are mostly about using antique music players and experiments. He is quite popular for using popular music antiques. 

Parkinstine has very few posts on his TikTok account but has garnered huge fan followings. He has now gained about 171.4 thousand followers on his TikTok account and has about 1.2M likes. 

10 Facts On Dr.Parkinstine

  1. Dr. Parkinstine’s exact date of birth is not known. Nor is his actual age known. However, judging through his videos, he seems to be in his mid-twenties. 
  2. Also looking at his videos on TikTok he seems to stand at a moderate height. And speaking of his weight, it also seems to be maintained. Though the actual details on his height and weight are unknown. 
  3. Now coming to his net worth or income details, no information is known. Besides, he has also not shared any info related to his income. But he must be making quite a good amount of net worth from his work. 
  4. Parkinstine has not disclosed his girlfriend’s details. Nor are there any videos of his girlfriend found on TikTok or any other social media. 
  5. His parents as well as family details are unknown. Very few details about the TikToker is known. 
  6. Parkinstine’s real name is Parker Edmondson. The other name is his username in social media applications. 
  7. Parker’s nationality nor his birthplace is known. He has hardly shared details on his personal life. 
  8. Parkinstine is quite popular for his videos. His videos include mostly antique things and also his experiments.  
  9. His TikTok account has garnered 1.2 million like with 171.4 thousand followers. 
  10. Parker is not found on Instagram but is active on Youtube. He has about 1.43k subscribers on his Youtube Channel.