Who Is Simon Parke From Britain? 10 Facts To Know About The Blogger

Simon Parke is a renowned blogger and author of this era. He has written dozens of books and numerous blogs under his name. 

Simon Parke is also a motivational speaker and consultant. He has composed songs and voice-overs for his audiobook too. One can find Simon as an inspiration.

Quick Facts: Who Is Simon Parke From Britain? 10 Facts To Know About The Blogger

NameSimon Parke
ProfessionAuthor, Blogger

10 Facts About Simon Parke

  1. At the instant, there is no Wikipedia profile for Simon Parke. One can find his personal website to understand more of his information.  
  2. Simon Parke has not revealed his actual birthday day. However, according to the sources, Simon’s age is currently 53 years old.
  3. Although one can find various interviews and audiobooks about him on Youtube, Simon Parke does not hold any official Youtube account. 
  4. The author cum blogger is active on the Twitter handle with 1.3 k supporters. However, it is quite difficult to trace him on Instagram.
  5. In the starting days of adulthood, Parker had written satire for TV and radio. His performance was appreciated by everyone, leading him to win the Sony radio award.
  6. Before blogging, Simon was a priest in the Church of England for nearly twenty years. He left his work as a priest because of his personal issues. 
  7. Simon had faced hurdles for survival. His writings were often rejected. He earned his living in his thirties by working at supermarkets.
  8. Later, Parker started his passion for writing as a freelancer after being rejected multiple times. He published his book, The Beautiful Life, for the first time. 
  9. Eventually, Parker got recognization in writing. Today, he is the proud author of more than ten books. He was also a part of White Crow Books, the shape of the Conversations series.
  10. Simon has also been part of various voice-overs and audiobooks with the time. Besides, he is also active in counseling works.