Damarea Ogbuewu

IntroSinger- Songwriter, Author, Martial Artist
A.K.A.Damarea Ogbuewu, Damarea,达玛瑞亚
Is Screenwriter 
Children’s writer 
Motivational speaker 
Short story writer 
Martial artist 
From United States of America 
Birth 8 August 2005 
, United States
Age15 years
Relatives: Ambassador of Nigeria to Greece
Height: 5’4 ft
Weight: 130 lbs
National Speak Out 2019 
Sports Teams
Kendo Martial Arts

Damarea Ogbuewu (born August 8,2005) , professionally known as Damarea is a Nigerian-American singer,songwriter, author, motivational speaker, martial artist, and former gymnast. She is best known for her performance in the Speak Out! season of 2018, in which she performed “Still I Rise”. She was named Most Influential Teen by Next Generation. Over the span of four years, Ogbuewu has written over forty articles, ten songs, and two children’s novels. In 2019 she wrote her first place writing I Will Rise for the National Speak Out! Competition. Her star sign is a Leo.



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  • 2 Career
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Early Life

Damarea Ogbuewu was born to a Nigerian father, and mother of Hispanic, Dutch, and Asian descent in South Carolina, United States. Through her father she claims descent of Igbo, and speaks the tribal language. With this ethnic background, Ogbuewu identifies as Nigerian-American and has a background of learning four languages which include English and Swahili. Her grandfather, Frank Ogbuewu is Nigerian political figure and a former Minister of Culture and Tourism.

She attended Dutch Fork High School,which later became her Alma Mater in June of 2020. She was a student of Chinese Martial Arts in primary school, in which she registers with a black belt. At age ten, Ogbuewu made a brief debut as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in a production by the Lagos-based repertory company. Ogbuewu has cited the performances of American actresses, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Hudson. In earlier years, she competed in music competitions, including her first national performance in which she performed her original song I Will Still Rise in 2020. Ogbuewu has been invited to perform the United States national anthem twice at baseball and football games, including the Carolina Fireflies in 2020. At the age of nine, Ogbuewu took interest in gymnastics, reaching a level 10 by 2019. She ended her gymnastics career to focus on school and other hobbies. At the South Carolina Gymnastics Competition,in 2019, Ogbuewu took home gold with ten points ahead of opponent Viktoria Listunov.

As a child, Ogbuewu performed in the children’s theater playing her first role as one of the title characters in Romeo and Juliet. At the age of ten, she performed in the African play, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters as Nyasha. In 2019, she was promoted by radio personality Beasy Baybie on radio. Ogbuewu’s ethnic background inspired her to learn Chinese Martial Arts at the age of ten, and she continued at the age of fourteen. Ogbuewu states the name Damarea means Special to Gods” and the name Chika means “God is Supreme”.


Ogbuewu started her writing career with her novels Dear Pope Francis (2016) and Child of God (2017). In 2019, Ogbuewu wrote her song lyrics to Still I Rise, which won her third place in the 2018 Speak Out! Competition. In 2019, she wrote I Will Still Rise winning first place. Her performance price was judged and promoted by radio personality Beasy Baybie. In November of 2019, Ogbuewu started writing for Medium, and later resigned from it and individually released the idea of her new women’s novel. Act Like a Classy Woman; Know Your Worth.


  • Child of God (2017)
  • Dear Pope Francis (2016)
  • Act Like a Classy Woman; Know Your Worth (2021)

Quotes and Interviews

  • “She would rather walk alone than follow anyone else’s shadow.” – Damarea Ogbuewu
  • “Your crown is not your hair, it’s the faith you have in God, and your outlook on life.” – Damarea Ogbuewu
  • “Weakness is not walking away, that’s maturity. Weakness is staying to fight because you feel the need to prove someone wrong.” -Damarea Ogbuewu
  • “The sun does not forget a village just because it’s small. ” – African Proverb