Floride Clemson

IntroAmerican writer
Was Writer 
From United States of America 
Type Literature 
Birth 29 December 1842 
Death 23 July 1871 

(aged 28 years)
Father: Thomas Green Clemson

Floride Elizabeth Clemson Lee (December 29, 1842 – July 23, 1871) is the daughter of Clemson University founder Thomas Green Clemson, and the granddaughter of former Vice President John C. Calhoun and his wife, Floride Calhoun. Clemson is most acknowledged for her diary that took place during and after the Civil War. Her diary states her journey to South Carolina by multiple forms of transportation in just a little under two weeks.


Her diary was published, as A Rebel Came Home, by Clemson University in 1961. It was edited by Charles M. McGee and Ernest M. Lander, Jr. In the book, it states that McGee spent two summers in the Clemson Archives, where he came across Floride’s diary and became interested in it. Also he worked with Lander and had the convenience of the artist being close by which helped with the writing of the book. A Rebel Came Home was published by the University of South Carolina Press in Columbia, SC in 1961.

I sometimes think I am too happy, I have so much to be thankful for. I get plenty of rides on mule & horse back, & have so many kind friends.

— Floride Clemson, A Rebel Came Home