Henry FitzClarence

IntroBritish noble
Is Noble 
From United Kingdom 
Type Royals 
Mother: Dorothea Bland
Father: William IV of the United Kingdom
Siblings: George FitzClarence1st Earl of MunsterLord Augustus FitzClarenceLord Adolphus FitzClarenceLord Frederick FitzClarenceAugusta FitzClarence Kennedy-ErskinePrincess Elizabeth of ClarenceElizabeth HayCountess of ErrollAmelia CaryViscountess FalklandLady Mary FoxSophia SidneyBaroness De L’Isle and DudleyPrincess Charlotte of Clarence

Henry Edward FitzClarence (27 March 1795 – September 1817), was the second eldest illegitimate son of William IV by his longtime mistress Dorothea Jordan. Born in Petersham, he died unmarried in India in 1817 at age 22 before his father’s death.