Jack Parry

IntroWelsh footballer
Was Sports official 
Football player 
Association football player 
Association football manager 
From United Kingdom 


Birth 11 January 1924 
, Pontardawe
Death 20 January 2010 

(aged 86 years)

Brynley John “Jack” Parry (11 January 1924 – 20 January 2010) was a Welsh professional footballer. During his career he made almost 100 appearances for Swansea Town and 138 appearances for Ipswich Town between 1951 and 1955. Born in Wales in 1924, Jack married Edith and had 3 children. In his later years he moved to London and then Chelmsford as a bricklayer. Most notably, Parry ‘topped off’ the Natwest building in London. Parry had 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren all living around the Chelmsford area of Essex before his death in 2010.