Luqmaan Samie

IntroLuqmaan Samie founder and chairman for The Samie Group based in the United Kingdom
Known forCapetonian Businessman and Real estate investor
Is Businessperson 
Financial professional 
Real estate developer 
From United Kingdom 
South Africa 
Birth 23 August 1986 
, Cape town
Age34 years

About Mr Luqmaan Samie

After Mr Samie’s successful career in real estate which included a spell in corporate strategy, he gained a passion for digitization whilst CEO of his previous fastest-growing technology trading real estate investment firm. This led to the start of Mr Samie’s own digital business, which grew into its clear category leader with 150+ staff, as well as an A+ customer satisfaction rating.


Having now handed over leadership, Mr Samie gusto opportunities to make use of his unique experience, having led his corporate business units as well as new digital ventures, built market-leading direct channels as well as blue-chip partnerships and been at the center of an industry responding to unprecedented disruption.


Mr Samie’s personality embraces new challenges, where his learnt – often the hard way – the importance of embracing modern management techniques, whether it’s lean approaches to new ventures, product development to drive performance. Mr Samie loves building high-performing teams, where his last business venture in 2019 with his previous company, was one of the best real estate tech startups to be established in under 5 years.


Mr Samie’s businesses are headquartered in London the United Kingdom, with presence in Manhattan, New York City the United States. Mr Luqmaan Samie managers his portfolio of businesses from London, the United Kingdom and remotely in South Africa all year round.


Current business portfolio:

The Samie Group LTD

Samie Bank LTD

Samie Capital LTD