Max Scratchmann

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Max Scratchmann is a British illustrator and author.
He was born in Calcutta, India, to Scottish parents in 1956 and is the author of the autobiographical book, The Last Burrah Sahibs – “Scratchmann tells his story and introduces his characters with the easy style of a practiced humorist” The Scots Magazine
He studied English Literature at the University of Strathclyde but preferred art and began illustrating professionally in the late seventies working as a cartoonist and comic artist but his career took off when he developed a collage style in the 1980s. His editorial work has appeared in magazines and newspapers in the UK, US and Japan including The Guardian, The Big Issue and City Life.
Scratchmann is known for the ‘operatic’ quality of his images and has created numerous posters for theatre companies, including The Coliseum and Scottish Opera, and in 1996 he was commissioned by Manchester University Press to re-illustrate all the play text covers of their Revels series. His efforts were recognised by the Dimensional Illustrators and the work was exhibited at the Art Directors’ Club Gallery in New York city.
He had his first one-man-show in August 1999, and his 2008 show, Magicians was described as “an intricate fantasy, nonetheless magical for its mercurial truths” by the Glasgow Herald.
Scratchmann is the author of “Illustration 101” and “Chucking It All”, a memoir pulped by its original publisher after its characterisation of Orcadians caused widespread offence in the islands. Scratchmann is also a contributor to various poetry anthologies, the most notable being “Star Trek – The Poems”.