Michael Davies

IntroWelsh rugby player
Is Athlete 
Rugby league player 
From United Kingdom 
Type Sports 

Michael Davies may refer to:
Michael Davies (Catholic writer) (1936–2004), Traditionalist Catholic writer
Michael Davies (Clerk of the Parliaments), Clerk of the Parliaments 1997–2003
Michael Davies (cricketer) (born 1976), English cricketer
Michael Davies (ice hockey) (born 1986), American professional ice hockey player
Michael Davies (judge) (1921–2006), judge of the High Court of England and Wales
Michael Davies (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1980s for Wales, and Cardiff City (Bridgend) Blue Dragons
Michael Davies (television producer) (born 1966), British producer of television game shows in the United States
Mike Davies (architect) (born 1942), architect
Mike Davies (broadcaster) (born 1978), disc jockey
Mike Davies (footballer) (born 1966), English former professional footballer
Mike Davies (tennis) (1936–2015), British tennis player
Michael Llewelyn Davies (1900–1921), foster son of the author J.M. Barrie
Michael ffolkes (Michael Davies, 1925–1988), illustrator and cartoonist
Dik Mik (Michael Davies, born 1943), British musician with the band Hawkwind
Mike Davies (musician), see Yezda Urfa