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John George Sears

John George Sears (1870–1916) was a shoe manufacturer and the founder of Sears plc, which was one of the United Kingdom’s largest retail businesses.

Arthur Smith (illustrator)

Arthur Smith (1916–1991) was a British natural history illustrator who specialised in entomology. He was born in the village of Eastburn, between Skipton and Keighley in Yorkshire, UK.
During his youth he developed a keen interest in natural history from walks on the York Moors. At 15 he attended Keighley College of Arts and Crafts and then the Royal College of Art in London. He graduated with a Silver Medal awarded for Special Distinction in the School of Design (then the highest order).
In 1940 he commenced his career as a freelance illustrator at the British Museum (Nat. Hist.). To avoid the disruption of the London Blitz during World War II he moved to Letchworth at the invitation of a colleague, Frederick Wallace Edwards. Edwards died shortly afterwards, but had put Smith in touch with James Edward Collin, for whom he produced 950 illustrations for the latter’s book on British empididae. The book was eventually published in 1961.
Smith also collaborated with Dame Miriam Rothschild illustrating her book: Fleas, Flukes and Cuckoos (Rothschild and Clay, 1952). This led to him illustrating, with over 1000 drawings, An Illustrated Catalogue of the Rothschild Collection of Fleas (Siphonaptera) in the British Museum (Natural History), an enormous work of 5 large volumes published between 1953 and 1971.
His work illustrated over 60 books, pamphlets and reports in addition to other freelance work for magazines.
In 1960 he became a member of staff of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.) as the first (and possibly the last) insect illustrator to be employed in the Department of Entomology.
Smith’s last major undertaking was the illustration of a two volume work, British Tortricoid Moths, co-authoring with J. D. Bradley and W. G. Tremewan. However, before the publication of the book he had retired to Shaftesbury, Dorset. He continued to produce art work up to a few weeks before his death.
Arthur Smith married Margaret Eagle in 1940 and they produced 3 children, one of which predeceased them in 1978.

Bruce Cork

Bruce Cork (born 1916, died October 7, 1994) was a physicist who discovered the antineutron in 1956 while working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Duncan Fraser McLea

Duncan Fraser McLea’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

Rolling Thunder (person)

Rolling Thunder (birth name: John Pope; 1916–1997 was a spiritual leader who self-identified as a Native American medicine man. He was raised in Oklahoma and later moved to Nevada. He has been called “the legal advisor and medicine man for the Western Shoshone Nation”.

L. M. Thompson

Leonard Thompson (1916 – June 2004) was a South African historian, well known for his seminal work on the formation of the Union of South Africa and the two-volume The Oxford History of South Africa, a collaboration with N.M. Wilson.

Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert

Colonel Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert (1840–1916) was a British soldier who served in the British Indian Army from the age of nineteen. He wrote regular articles about Indian cookery for the The Madras Mail, Madras Atheneum and The Daily News, using the pen-name Wyvern. These were collected and published in 1878 as Culinary Jottings for Madras, Or, A Treatise in Thirty Chapters on Reformed Cookery for Anglo-Indian Exiles which went through seven editions. Upon retiring from the army and returning to England, he started a cookery school — the Common-sense Cookery Association — in June 1894. Its premises were at 17 Sloane Street in London.

Donald W. Munro

Donald W. Munro (8 April 1916 – 28 July 1998) was a Progressive Conservative party member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and became a diplomat by career.

Hans Broten

Hans Adolf Broten (August 12, 1916 – October 19, 1992) was a Canadian politician, who represented the electoral district of Watrous in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan from 1960 to 1967. He was a member of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation.
His grandson is Cam Broten.

Bisoye Tejuoso

Bisoye Tejuoso was a prominent Nigerian businesswoman from Abeokuta. She was born into the family of an Egba farmer who was also a chief in Abeokuta.

Nana Olomu

Nana Olomu (also spelled Olumu) (1852–1916) was an Itsekiri chief and merchant from the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria. He was the fourth Itsekiri chief to hold the position of Governor of Benin River.

Charles L. Glover

Charles L. Glover (December 1842 – 1916) was a six-term Democratic mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut from 1897 to 1901, from 1902 to 1903, and also in 1905. He ran for mayor seven times, and was only beaten once, by George Buxton. However he defeated Buxton a year later.

Count Riamo d’Hulst

Count Riamo d’Hulst (c.1850–1916) was an Egyptologist and antiquarian of possible German origin.

Barcourgné Courmo

Barcourgné Courmo (1916 – 16 November 1993) was a Nigerien politician and diplomat. Courmo was Finance Minister and chair of the ruling party politburo in the 1960s, as well as the Foreign Minister of Niger briefly in 1970 under Hamani Diori.

Andrew Scoble

Sir Andrew Richard Scoble, KCSI, PC, KC, (1831 – 1916) was an English lawyer, politician and judge.

Sidney Kilner Levett-Yeats

Sidney Kilner Levett-Yeats CIE, (c. 1858–1916), an English novelist known professionally as S. Levett-Yeats, was the descendant of an old English trading family with connections to British India. S. Levett-Yeats became a soldier with the Indian Army and later joined the Indian Civil Service as a low-level bureaucrat. Inspired by the example of other ambitious Anglo-Indian writers like Rudyard Kipling, Levett-Yeats turned out a series of Victorian potboilers, often set in Europe, that earned him a place on the bestseller lists of the day.

John Turner

John Napier Wyndham Turner, PC, CC, QC (born June 7, 1929) is an English born Canadian lawyer and politician, who served as the 17th Prime Minister of Canada from June 30 to September 17, 1984.
In his political career, Turner held several prominent Cabinet posts, including minister of justice and minister of finance, under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau from 1968 to 1975. Amid a global recession and the prospect of having to implement the unpopular wage and price controls, Turner surprisingly resigned his position in 1975. After a hiatus from politics from 1975 to 1984, Turner returned and successfully contested the Liberal leadership. Turner held the office of prime minister for 79 days (the second shortest tenure in Canadian history after Sir Charles Tupper), as he advised the Governor General to dissolve parliament immediately after being sworn in as prime minister, and went on to lose the 1984 election in a landslide. Turner stayed on as Liberal leader and headed the Official Opposition for the next six years, leading his party to a modest recovery in the 1988 campaign; he resigned as Liberal leader in 1990 and stepped down as an MP at the 1993 election. Turner was Canada’s first prime minister born in the United Kingdom since Mackenzie Bowell in 1896.

Peggy Rose

Peggy Rose’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

Moha Oulhoussein Achiban

Moha ou-Lhoussein Achiban (Azrou, 1916 – Azrou, 19 febbraio 2016) è stato un cantante e danzatore berbero con cittadinanza marocchina, appartenente alla grande confederazione degli Zayani.

Mahmoud Karim

Mahmoud el Karim (1916–1999) was a squash player from Egypt. He won the British Open men’s title four consecutive times from 1947–1950.

Ray Norris

Ray Norris (1916 – December 21, 1958) was a Canadian guitarist and bandleader, known for his performances on CBC radio and television in the 1940s and 1950s.

Alfred B. Thompson

Alfred Burke Thompson (1915 in Penetanguishene, Ontario – 1985 in Penetanguishene), was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the first Canadian taken prisoner in World War II, and a survivor of Stalag Luft III escape.

Michel Ahouanmenou

Michel Ahouamenou (December 23, 1916–1979) was a Beninese politician and diplomat, most active when his country was known as Dahomey.
Ahouamenou was born on December 23, 1916 in Porto Novo into an influential family. He was a civil service officer for several years and became a strong supporter of Sourou-Migan Apithy. Ahouamenou was elected to Dahomey’s General Council in 1946, representing Porto Novo. He served as a deputy in the Afrique Occidentale Francaise from 1957 until 1959. Despite rising opposition to Apithy within the Republican Party of Dahomey in 1959, Ahouamenou stayed loyal to Apithy. Between 1959 and 1961, Ahouamenou was a senator in the Communaute Fraincaise.
In 1960, when Dahomey achieved independence, President Hubert Maga appointed Ahouamenou the minister of youth and sports. Later that year, Maga appointed Ahouamenou the minister of education, a post he held until 1963. Ahouamenou became the director of President Apithy’s cabinet from 1964 to 1965 and was again minister of education under General Christophe Soglo from 1966 until 1967. After the 1967 coup d’etat, Ahouamenou was accused of embezzlement and jailed briefly, though he was later absolved of all charges. He served as ambassador to France from 1967 to 1971 and Great Britain from 1969 to 1971. He held the post of foreign minister under the Presidential Council government from 1971 to 1972 but was dismissed with another coup in 1972. Ahouamenou died in 1979.

Matthias A. Chimole

Matthias A. Chimole (1916 Nakhwala – 18. marraskuuta 2005) oli malawilainen roomalaiskatolinen piispa. Hänet vihittiin papiksi 21. syyskuuta 1947 ja nimitettiin Zomban hiippakunnan johtoon 21. syyskuuta 1970. Piispaksi vihkiminen seurasi 13. joulukuuta. Pääkonsekraattorina toimi James Chiona, jota avustivat Jean-Louis Jobidon ja Eugen Joseph Frans Vroemen.