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Horatio Jones

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Sarah Kirby Stark

Sarah Kirby-Stark (1813–1898) was an American stage actress and theatre manager. She belonged to the first female theatre managers in the United States and became the first female theatre manager in California in 1850. She was a theatre pioneer in the Old West, known for having maintained a high standard with Classical Shakespear in the West, where theatres normally often offered circus and musical shows and became a role model for other theatre managers in the West.

Walter Harding

Sir Walter Harding (1813 – 19 April 1874) was die eerste hoofregter van die destydse Natalkolonie. Hy begin werk as ‘n onderregter in die Kaap. Hy beklee verskeie ampte en in 1836 stel hy ‘n register op van al die verslae van die Hooggeregshof se kriminele verhore wat terug dateer tot 1736 as ‘n opheldering van die Romeins-Hollandse reg. Die jaar daarna versamel en publiseer hy die wette wat in die Kaapkolonie van krag was. Later word hy vrederegter op Swellendam en daarna word hy die kroonvervolger in Natal in 1846. As luitenant-kolonel roep hy die Volunteer Yeomanry Cavalry Corps in die lewe. In 1856 word hy die griffier van Natal en in 1858 die eerste hoofregter van Natal. Hy sterf op 19 April 1874. Die dorp Harding is na hom genoem.

Angus Peter McDonald

Angus Peter McDonald (1813 – January 22, 1889) was an Ontario contractor and political figure. He represented Middlesex West in the 1st Canadian Parliament as a Conservative member.
Born in Canada, he lived in Glencoe, Ontario. McDonald was elected to represent the West riding of Middlesex in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada in an 1858 by-election held following the death of John Scatcherd, serving until 1861, when he ran unsuccessfully for reelection. McDonald died in Toronto at the age of 76.

Arthur Phillott

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Cecil Bisshopp

Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Bisshopp (25 June 1783 – c. 16 July 1813) was a British army officer and onetime Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom who came to Canada in 1812 and died in the War of 1812.

Hoshiar Kadinefendi

Hoshiar Kadinefendi (Arabic: هوشيار فادين افندی‎‎, Turkish: Hoşyar Kadınefendi; c. 1813 – 21 June 1886) was a consort to Ibrahim Pasha and was Walida Pasha to their son Isma’il Pasha.She was the younger sister of Pertevniyal Sultan,which was the Valide Sultan,or Queen mother,to Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz I and Abdülaziz’s aunt.