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Lester Wire

Lester Farnsworth Wire (September 3, 1887 – April 14, 1958) was credited with the invention of the electric traffic light in 1912 in Salt Lake City. Wire worked as a detective for the Salt Lake City police force. The original traffic light, based on a semaphore system, had been invented in London in 1868 by John Peake Knight but had not been a success.

Jesse L. Nusbaum

Jesse L. Nusbaum (1887–1975), was an American archaeologist, anthropologist, photographer and National Park Service Superintendent who spent his whole life in the American Southwest, where he made significant achievements in the identification, documentation, restoration and preservation of the region’s Native American and Spanish Colonial architectural and cultural heritage.

John Hawksford

John Hawksford (5 October 1806—3 September 1887) was a successful and wealthy solicitor and attorney, a prominent member of the Roman Catholic laity of Wolverhampton and served as Mayor of Wolverhampton from 1863/64, becoming the first Roman Catholic to do so.