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Art Madrid

Art Madrid (born about 1935), a La Mesa, California resident since 1958, has held elective office in La Mesa since 1981. Elected as a City Councilman from 1981 to 1990, Art was then elected Mayor of La Mesa, California in 1990 and then re-elected in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010.

George Mirabal

George Mirabal is a former mayor of Bell, California.

Henry Scott

Henry Scott (1836 – 16 December 1913) was a South Australian businessman, politician and mayor of Adelaide

Fran Florez

Fran Florez (born in Bakersfield, California) is an American politician from California and a member of the Democratic party.

Eldridge Hawkins, Jr.

Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. (born July 25, 1979) was Mayor of Orange, New Jersey, a city of 33,000 residents in Essex County, New Jersey with an annual $53 million operating budget. As Chair of the Management Reform Committee of the N.J. League of Municipalities, Hawkins was a leader in the campaign to reform the state’s civil service and arbitration laws to give cities more power in collective bargaining with public employee unions. His adversarial managing style and combative relations with the workers of Orange received national attention. Hawkins serves as President of the New Jersey United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) and is also a law enforcement professional and businessman.

Sir Charles Henry Collett, 1st Baronet

Sir Charles Henry Collett, 1st Baronet’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

John Heilman

John Heilman is an American municipal politician and frequent mayor of West Hollywood, California.
A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Heilman moved to Southern California to attend the University of Southern California Law School.
Heilman was active in the incorporation of the City of West Hollywood. He was elected to the City’s first City Council in November 1984 and has served continuously since then. John Heilman was chosen as the City’s second Mayor in 1985, and also served as Mayor in 1990, 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2006. He began his most recent turn as Mayor in April 2010.
Since his earliest days on the City Council, one of Heilman’s main concerns has been domestic partner rights. Heilman was instrumental in the establishment of West Hollywood’s domestic partnership registration program that permitted city employee partners to register and obtain domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples and seniors, regardless of gender, who are at least 62.5 years old and living together.
Heilman is a past board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.
Openly gay, Heilman is also the past president of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Local Officials Group and past co-chair of the International Network of Lesbian and Gay Officials. His 2007 re-election campaign has won the support of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. He holds an active membership of the Stonewall Democratic Club. Heilman is also a member of the Coalition for Economic Survival.
As a result of Heilman’s leadership on the issue of AIDS, he received the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Award in 1990.
John Heilman is an avid runner and was responsible for bringing Frontrunners Annual 5k/10k Pride Run to West Hollywood as part of the city’s annual Christopher Street West/CSW Pride event held in June of each year.
John Heilman currently teaches law at both Southwestern Law School and the University of Southern California Law School.

John A. Fulton

John A. Fulton (1769–1845) was a prominent local citizen of Chillicothe, Ohio. He was twice mayor in 1828-29 and 1831-32.
Fulton was a civil engineer and surveyor by education and trade. He did much of the original survey work in Ross County and surrounding counties. At the time it was the Virginia Military District, beginning in 1795 with Nathaniel Massie’s expedition.
Fulton taught school at the Chillicothe school district. He was interested in astronomy and owned two telescopes built for him by Amasa Holcomb. One of these Holcomb telescopes was willed to Chillicothe High School in the middle of the nineteenth century. It still had at least one of the lenses as a remaining part to the telescope until at least 1917. One of these two telescopes owned by Fulton made by Holcomb was the first reflecting telescope manufactured in America, however it is not known if this one was that particular telescope.

Ann Eliza Longden

Ann Eliza Longden (1869 – 12 August 1952) was a British politician, the first woman to serve as Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

Charles John Stoddart

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Theodore Bruce

Theodore Bruce (5 April 1847 – 2 July 1911) was an auctioneer, politician and Mayor of Adelaide 1904-1907.

Edward Barkham

Sir Edward Barkham (died 15 January 1634) was and English merchant who was Lord Mayor of London in 1921.

William Buik

William Christie Buik (13 May 1824 – 6 February 1903), commonly referred to as W. C. Buik, was Mayor of Adelaide 1878–1879.

Barbara Boyce

Barbara Boyce’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

Sir John Fryer, 1st Baronet

Sir John Fryer, 1st Baronet (14 September 1671 – 11 September 1726) was a prominent Presbyterian layman, London pewterer, merchant and Lord Mayor of London. The baronetcy became extinct on his death in 1726. He was created a baronet on 13 December 1714

Albert L. Myer

Major Albert L. Myer was Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1899. He is best remembered for having filled as interim mayor of Ponce after the forced resignation of popularly-elected mayor Luis Porrata Doria. Major Myer was appointed by the first military governor of Puerto Rico, Major General Nelson A. Miles.

John Allot

Sir John Allot was a 16th-century English merchant and politician who served as Lord Mayor of London. He was the fourth son of a Lincolnshire squire, Richard Allot of Great Lymber. He came to London and joined the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers. He was elected in 1580 as one of the Sheriffs of London, serving with Ralph Woodcock, and in 1590 he was elected Lord Mayor of London. He did not finish his term, though. He died on 17 September 1591 and was buried at St Margaret Moses; the remainder of his term was served by Sir Rowland Hayward (as his second term). He had a daughter, Margaret, who married William Albany of Oxsted. Another daughter, Anne, married Thomas Pigott, MP, and secondly Sir John Gibson, MP.

Felix Roque

Felix Roque is a Cuban-American medical doctor, U.S. Army Reserve colonel, and Democratic Party politician who is the current Mayor of West New York, New Jersey. The five-person slate he led defeated a slate headed by Mayor Silverio Vega in the May 10, 2011 general election and his running mates chose Roque to serve as the town’s mayor. Subsequently to this, his allegiance with Commissioner Count Wiley, who had previously helped him unseat Vega, soured, and Wiley was his chief opponent in the May 2015 election, which Roque won.
In 2012 the Hudson Reporter named him #14 in its list of Hudson County’s 50 most influential people. In 2013 he was ranked #27, and in 2014 he and Deputy Mayor Silvio Acosta were tied for #30.

Karam Hussain

Karam Hussain (born in Azad Kashmir) was the mayor of the metropolitan borough of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England from 2008 to 2009.
Hussain moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 and started working locally. In the mid 1980s he joined the Liberal Party and campaigned actively for a number of years. In 1998 he was elected as the first Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dewsbury West.
In 2004 he was selected as Vice-Chair of West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority and in 2005 was selected as Chair. Hussain was portfolio-holder for Environment and Leisure, Chair of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Management Group and is the District Spokesperson for Kirklees on the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority.

John Fetterman (politician)

John Fetterman (born August 15, 1969) is an American politician and the current Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. A native of York, Pennsylvania, Fetterman earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Albright College in 1991 and a master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. He moved to Braddock in 2001 to serve with AmeriCorps and start a non profit organization, Braddock Redux.

Christopher Clitherow

Sir Christopher Clitherow (10 January 1578 – 11 November 1641) was an English merchant and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1628 to 1629. He was Lord Mayor of London in 1635.
Clitherow was the son of Henry Clitherow and his wife Bridget Hewett. His father was a prosperous citizen of London and a Master of the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers. Clitherow was also a member of the Ironmongers company. He was a prominent member of the East India Company as early as March 1601 and in 1604 was a member of the committee of the company. He was also active in efforts to discover the North West passage, being named in a grant of incorporation to promote expeditions in 1612. In 1618 he was Master of the Ironmongers Company. He was nominated unsuccessfully for the positions of Deputy Governor and Treasurer of the East India Company in 1619. In 1624 he was master of the Ironmongers Company again. He was elected an alderman for Aldersgate ward on 2 January 1625 and was chosen as a Sheriff of London and Middlesex in the same year. Also in 1625 he became Deputy Governor of the East India Company.
Clitherow transferred as alderman to the Billingsgate ward on 7 February 1627 and remained until his death. Around this time he was appointed member of a Commission formed to examine the accounts of moneys raised to repress pirates from Algiers and Tunis. In 1628, Clitherow was elected Member of Parliament for City of London and sat until 1629 when King Charles decided to rule without parliament for eleven years.
In 1635 Clitherow became Lord Mayor of London when a pageant was performed entitled “London’s Harbour of Health and Happiness”. He was knighted at Hampton Court on 15 January 1637. From 1636 to 1640 he was President of Christ’s Hospital. He created two scholarships at Oxford University which bear his name.
Clitherow died at the age of 63 and was buried in the church of St Andrew Undershaft.
Clitherow married twice. One wife was a daughter of Sir Thomas Cambell, Lord Mayor in 1609–10, and their daughter married Sir Thomas Trollope, 1st Baronet. Another daughter Rachel married Dr William Paule, Bishop of Oxford, and his son James purchased Boston Manor.

C. A. Dickison

Clarence A. Dickison (1878 – 1965) was an American republican politician. He was the first mayor of the city of Compton, California.