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John Norman, Mayor of London (1250)

John Norman was Mayor of London.
He was appointed a Sheriff of the City of London in 1234 and elected Mayor in 1250.
According to Burke, Norman’s coat of arms is blazoned: Argent on a chief sable three leopards faces or.

Kaipo Asing

Bill “Kaipo” Asing (born ?) is an American politician. Asing served as the acting Mayor of Kauai from July 17, 2008, until December 1, 2008, following the death of former Mayor Bryan J. Baptiste.

Bea Proo

Bea Proo is a former council member and mayor of Pico Rivera, California.
Proo was elected to the Pico Rivera City Council in 1992, and was re-elected in 1997 and 2001. She has served as the city’s mayor on three different occasions. Proo has been a member of the Southern California Association of Governments, an executive board member of the Gateway Council of Governments, president of the League of California Cities’ Los Angeles Division, and a president and board member of the Tri-Cities Regional Occupational Program. She was also nominated as the first ever Woman of the Year in 1987 by the California State Legislature’s 59th district.
Proo, a former teacher and school principal, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Mount St. Mary’s College and has served as a member and president of the El Rancho Unified School District Board of Trustees and is the current and founding Chairman of the Board of Pacific Western National Bank in Pico Rivera since 1980.

John Hosking

John Hosking (* 1806 in London, Großbritannien; † 9. September 1882 in Penrith City, New South Wales) war ein britischer Kolonist, Händler, Großgrundbesitzer und Politiker.

Edward Daly (Mayor)

Edward Daly (1926–1993) was a long-term Councillor and later Mayor of the London Borough of Newham.

John-R. Luck

John-R. Luck (June 12, 1928 – July 25, 1988) was mayor of Gatineau, Quebec from 1971 to 1975 (town of Pointe-Gatineau) and from 1975 to 1983 (city). He was elected as the city’s first mayor after a major amalgamation and incorporation in 1975 of the communities of Pointe-Gatineau, Templeton, East Templeton, West Templeton, Cantley, and Touraine. In the same election, residents voted in a referendum for the name of the new city to be le Ville de Gatineau. He is a former employee of the Canadian International Paper Company, where he worked for 30 years. He also served on Gatineau City Council from 1962 to 1971. He was defeated by Gaétan Cousineau in 1983 for re-election.

William Craven (Lord Mayor of London)

Sir William Craven (1548 – 18 July 1618) was an English merchant, Lord Mayor of London in 1610 (some sources say also in 1618). It has been suggested that the story of Dick Whittington is based on Craven’s career, and he is sometime referred to as “Aptrick’s Dick Whittington”.

Thomas Corcoran

Thomas Corcoran, Jr. (1754 – January 27, 1830) was an Irish American merchant who served as mayor of the town of Georgetown, District of Columbia and 22 terms on the Georgetown Common Council. He also held several appointed positions with the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He was one of Georgetown’s and Washington’s first philanthropists, and the father of banker and philanthropist William Wilson Corcoran.

Marie Trainer

Marie Trainer, born circa 1946 (Nolan 1991), is the former mayor of Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada after having been defeated on October, 25th 2010 by Mayor Elect Ken Hewitt. Hewitt finished with 6,984 votes, Trainer 5,748 and third-place finisher Buck Sloat with 2,929 in unofficial final results. She took office after defeating the incumbent, Lorraine Bergstrand in the 2003 Ontario municipal elections. The residents of Haldimand County re-elected Marie Trainer as mayor in the 2006 Ontario municipal elections. Trainer received national attention after making controversial comments while being interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation during the Caledonia land dispute.

Frederick Ernest Osborne

Frederick Ernest Osborne (January 20, 1878 – October 22, 1948) was a Canadian politician and businessman.

Leonard Holliday

Note : dates are given using the New Style calendar.
Sir Leonard Holliday (also spelled Hollyday and Halliday) (c. 1550–1612) was a founder of the East India Company, and a Lord Mayor of London.

John Norman, Lord Mayor of London (1453)

John Norman (died 1468) was a 15th-century draper, sheriff, alderman and for a term the Lord Mayor of London (in 2006 the title was changed to Lord Mayor of the City of London). He is known as being the first lord mayor to take a boat to Westminster to pledge his allegiance. Up until that point lord mayors of London had ridden or walked to Westminster in the yearly pageant on Lord Mayor’s Day. Such river pageants existed until 1856, and today the lord mayor rides within a state coach during the pageant which is known today as Lord Mayor’s Show. John Norman left his name to a song, supposedly created by the watermen who rowed him to Westminster, titled “Row the Boat, Norman”.

Isaac Penington (Lord Mayor)

Isaac Penington (c. 1584 – 16 December 1661) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1640 to 1653. He was Lord Mayor of London in 1642 and a prominent member of Oliver Cromwell’s government.

Ed McKelvey

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Norm Boucher

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Charles Asa Francis

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Fergy Brown

James Fergus “Fergy” Brown (October 31, 1923 – April 3, 2013) was a politician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He served as Mayor of York from 1988 to 1994.

Percy B. Scurrah

Percy Beall Scurrah (June 17, 1883 – July 14, 1970) was mayor of Victoria, British Columbia Canada from 1955 to 1961. He was the first mayor to have three consecutive terms. He is responsible for bringing the BC Ferries to Victoria – prior to that, the only service to the mainland (Vancouver) was through the CPR ferry through Nanaimo. He was born in Brechin, Ontario.

Geoffrey Boleyn

Sir Geoffrey or Jeffery Boleyn (1406–1463) was a London merchant and Lord Mayor of London.

Sir Charles Flower, 1st Baronet

Sir Charles Flower, 1st Baronet (1763–1834) was a merchant who served as Lord Mayor of London in 1808. Flower traded in salt meat, butter and cheese, and was described as having acquired “an ample fortune” by the time of his ascendency to the mayoralty. He was created a baronet, of the Flower baronets, in 1809.


Amenemhab war ein altägyptischer Beamter am Ende der 18. Dynastie. Sein Hauptamt war Bürgermeister von Theben. Daneben war er auch noch Schreiber des Königs, Scheunenvorsteher des Amun und Domänenvorsteher im Tempel des Djeserkare (=Amenophis I.) im Westen von Theben.


Ameni-seneb war als altägyptischer Beamter um 1800 v. Chr. und damit am Ende der 12. Dynastie (Mittleres Reich) Bürgermeister und Priestervorsteher auf der Insel Elephantine.

Henry Ninio

Henry Jacques Ninio (born 27 October 1935) was the 75th Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, South Australia.
Henry Ninio was born in Cairo on 27 October 1935. He migrated with his family to Adelaide in 1956. He completed his university pharmacy studies in Adelaide. He established the Piaf Perfumery chain and Simes Australia with his business partner Alex Siros.

Frank Kelty

Frank Victor Kelty is a former politician from Alaska. He is arguably still one of the most influential persons within both the business and the governmental circles of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, which is not only the largest municipality of the Aleutian Islands, but also the largest commercial fishing port of the United States.
Kelty was born Outside on November 10, 1949, and graduated from Renton High School in 1968. He was awarded a football scholarship to attend Olympic College, where he played for two years. In 1971, Kelty was hired to work for a small company called East Point Seafood, and moved to the Aleutians to work at East Point’s crab processing plant in Dutch Harbor. By 1978, as the Bering Sea red king crab fishing boom was hitting, Kelty had been risen to the position of superintendent of East Point’s operation in Dutch Harbor, where he oversaw the expansion of its capacity in the early 1980s.
As Kelty’s prominence in the community grew, friends encouraged him to run for office. Kelty was elected to the first of three terms on the Unalaska city council in 1981. In 1990, Kelty was elected mayor of Unalaska, and was elected to five consecutive terms, serving in that office longer than anyone else in city history.
During this time (as the mayor’s position in the small town was part-time) Kelty continued to be employed in the local crabbing industry. In 1987, Kelty accepted a position at a rival firm, Alyeska Seafoods, as that larger company’s plant manager. As his influence in the community grew, there were calls for Kelty, a lifelong Democrat, to seek state office. However, he resisted all such requests.
In 2000, Kelty accepted a full-time position with the City of Unalaska as Resource Analyst. In this position, Kelty had responsibility to not only oversee the city’s management of vital natural resources, but also to be a liaison with the many local seafood companies with a presence in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. However, as being an employee of the city would create a conflict of interest with his elected position, Kelty was required to resign as mayor. He did so, receiving accolades from politicians across the state for his service. Though no longer the mayor de jure of the community, Kelty’s commentary is regularly sought by state and national media when writing stories related to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska., and the city council sometimes sends him out of town to attend governmental and regulatory events, especially on matters dealing with the town’s primary economic activity, fishing.
Due to his position of great experience in both the seafood industry and as a local bush politician, Kelty’s advice is regularly sought by others. He has accepted multiple invitations to testify in Washington, D.C., before committees of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, as well as state panels investigating the Alaskan seafood industry. Though he no longer holds elected office, he nonetheless retains influence. He is active as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, Chairman of the Marine Conservation Alliance, North Pacific Research Foundation AP, Bering Sea Research Foundation and the Chairman of Aleutians West Coastal Resource Service Area and elected position as well as serving on many local Unalaska boards., He has been also appointed to State of Alaska advisory panels by several governors of Alaska.

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