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Joseph Crawhall III

Joseph Crawhall (20 August 1861 – 24 May 1913) was an English artist born in Morpeth, Northumberland.

Master Hugo

Master Hugo (fl. c.1130-c.1150) was a Romanesque lay and the earliest recorded professional artist in England.
His documented career at Bury St Edmunds Abbey spans from before 1136 to after 1148. He is most famous for illuminating the first volume of the Bury Bible, which “have led to a general acknowledgement of Master Hugo as the gifted innovator of the main line of English Romanesque art”. This was made for the Abbey in about 1135, and is now in the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; it is not known whether he illuminated the second volume, of which only a small fragment is known to survive, now in a private collection in the USA. He is also recorded as making bronze doors for the western entry of the Abbey church, a great bell and a carved crucifix with figures of Mary and Saint John, for the Monk’s Choir (probably a rood). He has been credited with having made the ivory Cloisters Cross (or “Bury St. Edmunds Cross”), now at The Cloisters, New York,
It is not known where Master Hugo was born or trained. According to the Fitzwilliam Museum, “the magnificent colour patterns of his paintings, the startlingly new Byzantine draperies and the deep-staring eyes of Moses, Aaron and the Jews suggest that he had travelled at least to southern Italy and probably also to Cyprus, Byzantium, and even the Holy Land.”

Richard Ansdell

Richard Ansdell RA (11 May 1815 – 20 April 1885) was an English oil painter of animals and genre scenes. He was also an engraver.

Robert Barker (painter)

Robert Barker (1739 – 8 April 1806) was an English painter (with Irish ancestry) from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Eric Ravilious

Eric William Ravilious (22 July 1903 – 2 September 1942) was an English painter, designer, book illustrator and wood engraver. He grew up in East Sussex, and is particularly known for his watercolours of the South Downs. He served as a war artist, and died when the aircraft he was in was lost off Iceland.

Eric Hebborn

Eric Hebborn (20 March 1934 – 11 January 1996) was an English painter and art forger and later an author.

Kristin Baker

Kristin Baker (born 1975, in Stamford, Connecticut) is a painter based in New York. She often uses stencil and sign painting techniques on PVC panels.

Ellen Harvey

Ellen Harvey (born 1967, Farnborough, Kent, U.K.) is a Brooklyn based artist working in a variety of media, including painting, video, installation and performance.

Thomas Allom

Thomas Allom (13 March 1804 – 21 October 1872) was an English architect, artist, and topographical illustrator. He was a founding member of what became the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). He designed many buildings in London, including the Church of St Peter’s and parts of the elegant Ladbroke Estate in Notting Hill. He also worked with Sir Charles Barry on numerous projects, most notably the Houses of Parliament, and is also known for his numerous topographical works, such as Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, published in 1838, and China Illustrated, published in 1845.

Channa Horwitz

Channa Horwitz (née Channa Helene Shapiro, aka “Channa Davis” and “Channa Davis Horwitz”, May 21, 1932 – April 29, 2013) was a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, United States. She is recognized for the logically-derived compositions created over her five decade career. Her visually complex, systematic works are generally structured around linear progressions using the number eight.

George Petrie (artist)

George Petrie (1 January 1790 – 17 January 1866), was an Irish painter, musician, antiquary and archaeologist of the Victorian era.

Richard Wright (artist)

Richard Wright (born London, 1960) is an English artist and musician.
Wright was born in London. His family moved to Scotland when he was young. He attended Edinburgh College of Art from 1978 to 1982 and studied at Glasgow School of Art between 1993 and 1995 studying for a Master of Fine Art. He lives in Glasgow.

Howard Hodgkin

Sir Gordon Howard Eliot Hodgkin CH CBE (6 August 1932 – 9 March 2017) was a British painter and printmaker. His work is most often associated with abstraction.

Peter Lanyon

George Peter Lanyon (8 February 1918 – 31 August 1964) was a Cornish painter of landscapes leaning heavily towards abstraction. Lanyon was one of the most important artists to emerge in post-war Britain. Despite his early death at the age of forty-six he achieved a body of work that is amongst the most original and important reappraisals of modernism in painting to be found anywhere. Combining abstract values with radical ideas about landscape and the figure, Lanyon navigated a course from Constructivism through Abstract Expressionism to a style close to Pop. He also made constructions, pottery and collage.
Lanyon took up gliding as a pastime and used the resulting experience extensively in his paintings. He died in Taunton, Somerset, as the result of injuries received in a gliding accident and is buried in St. Uny’s Church, Lelant.
In September 2010 Peter Lanyon’s work was honoured with a large-scale retrospective exhibition: Peter Lanyon October 9, 2010 – January 23, 2011 at Tate St Ives. Curated by Chris Stephens, Head of Displays and Curator of Modern British Art at Tate Britain, it was the first thorough museum retrospective for almost forty years. In 2015 Lanyon’s Gliding Paintings were shown as a set in the Soaring Flight exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery, London.

Albin Polasek

Albin Polasek (February 14, 1879 – May 19, 1965) was a Czech-American sculptor and educator. He created more than 400 works during his career, 200 of which are displayed in the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park, Florida.

Benjamin Haydon

Benjamin Robert Haydon (/ˈhdən/; 26 January 1786 – 22 June 1846) was an English painter who specialised in grand historical pictures, although he also painted a few contemporary subjects and portraits. His commercial success was damaged by his often tactless dealings with patrons, and by the enormous scale on which he preferred to work. He was troubled by financial problems throughout his life, which led to several periods of imprisonment for debt. He committed suicide in 1846.

Ruth Francken

Ruth Francken (1924 in Prague – 12 September 2006 in Paris) was a Czech-American sculptor, painter, and furniture designer who was mostly active in Paris.

Francesco Bartolozzi

Francesco Bartolozzi RA (Florence, 21 September 1727 – 7 March 1815, Lisbon) was an Italian engraver, whose most productive period was spent in London.

Simeon Solomon

Simeon Solomon (9 October 1840 – 14 August 1905) was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter noted for his depictions of Jewish life and same-sex desire.

Albert Goodwin (artist)

Albert Goodwin RWS (1845–1932) was a notable English landscape painter specialising in watercolours. His work shows the influences of Turner and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
Goodwin was born in Maidstone in Kent, the son of a builder and one of 9 children. After leaving school he became an apprentice draper. His exceptional artistic ability was recognised at an early age and he went on to study with the Pre-Raphaelite artists Arthur Hughes and Ford Madox Brown – the latter predicting that he would become “one of the greatest landscape painters of the age”.
At the age of 15 his first painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy. He became an associate member of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) in 1876. He was championed by famed art critic John Ruskin who took him on a tour of Europe, where he made many sketches from nature which were later turned into watercolours. During his lifetime he traveled extensively throughout Britain and Europe, and visited many other countries.
Goodwin was a prolific artist, producing over 800 works and continuing to paint well into his eighties. His wide variety of landscape subjects reflected his love of travel and show the influence of Turner, with whom he felt a strong affinity. In later works he developed experimental techniques such as using ink over water color to achieve atmospheric lighting effects. His works are also an important record of social history.

Alfred Thomas Agate

Alfred Thomas Agate (February 14, 1812 – January 5, 1846) was a noted American artist, painter and miniaturist.

Suzan Pitt

Suzan Lee Pitt (July 11, 1943 – June 16, 2019) was an American film animator and painter, whose surreal, psychological animated films and paintings have been acclaimed and exhibited worldwide.

Stanley Greene

Stanley Greene (February 14, 1949 – May 19, 2017) was an American photojournalist.