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Tshilidzi Marwala

Tshilidzi Marwala (OMB) born 28 July 1971 in Venda, Transvaal, South Africa is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation at the University of Johannesburg.

Brümilda van Rensburg

Brümilda van Rensburg is a South African actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Louwna in the TV series Egoli: Place of Gold. She attained her BA Honours in Drama, cum laude, from the University of Pretoria. Brumilda has earned her many prestigious awards, such as Best Actress and the Fleur du Cap award, among many others.

David James (actor, born 1972)

David James (born 28 October 1972) is a South African film, theatre, and television actor known mainly for playing the villainous Koobus Venter in the 2009 Oscar-nominated science fiction film District 9. He is also known to South African audiences for his 2004-2006 appearance as “Mad Dog” on the long-running soap opera Isidingo, for his portrayal as Joel Joffe in the large-scale and well-received 2010 and 2011 stage productions of Rivonia Trial, and for his current role as radio station manager Hermanus Meyer on the soap opera Rhythm City.

Thula victorious

Thula victorious born as Nokuthula victoria makhubu is a South African model and beauty  queen who won four beauty contests.

Peter Gudo

Peter Gudo, also known by his fans as Penasbugo, (Born on June 12, 1994 in Dondo District – Sofala Province) is a Mozambican born actor, Executive Producer, CEO & Founder of Nigma Pictures, a Mozambican film production services company.

Peter Gudo went from selling small rolls of bread for 5 years and save to travel to Maputo,- in his poor home village of Dondo District -to becoming the most sought after and preferred Executive Producer in Mozambique by Hollywood networks as well as studios and production companies worldwide.

EARLY LIFE: Peter’s humble beginnings started in (Dondo District, Sofala Province) 1994. Born to Ines Simbe (subsistent farmer) and Guido L. Gudo (a train conductor),. Peter lived with his mother after his parents divorced and moved a lot with his mother to multiple provinces looking for a better life. He is the second child in his family. His older brother, Abu Gudo is a high school drop out and his little sister, Tracy Gudo is a 6th grader. Gudo is the first in his family to graduate from high school and pursues a professional career in the entertainment industry. His parents never graduated from high school.

CAREER: Executive Producer

Peter’s experience includes: Executive Producer on Kabelo’s Matimba Music Video (Mozambique) – Kabelo is a 10 times South African Music Awards winner, TV Presenter, Sport’s personality and the first black man in the world to be featured on the cover of Runners World (the UK’s largest running magazine) and the Judge of the SA’s Got Talent for the second season”, Consulting Producer on Strike Back Season 3 starring Philip Winchester, Rhona Mitra directed by the Dracula, Fringe, Crossing Lines, Gotham TV Series Director, Bill Eagles.

Consulting Producer on CNN’s Inside Africa program, hosted by the first Kenya Inside Africa’s host, Soni Methu. (Mozambique), Executive Producer and Actor on Super Sport’s Barclays Premier League Commercial (Mozambique), that aired for over one year on Super Sport Channel. Consulting Producer on NBC Universal Studios’ RIO2016 Athlete Profiles. (Mozambique). Actor on the Children’s Republic feature film where he worked with the Hollywood 4 prime – time Legendary Star, Danny Glover. Danny Glover is best known for the role of Detective Roger in the Lethal Weapons films with Mel Gibson and the 2012, End of the World film that grossed more than $166,112,167.

Executive Producer on ABC Japan/Japan- Africa’ Konna Tokoroni Nihonji reality TV show starring the Japanese actors: Kazuya Nakai (with more than 145 films under his belt) and Seiji Chihara (Best Known for the role of Keisuke in the Tokyo Psyco film) – (Mozambique). Executive Producer on the World Bank’s Khupa Xicoti (Mozambique), Producer on Michigan State’s University/IFRI’s Food & Nutrition (U.S) Consulting Producer on Kate Brook’s Incredible Animals (Mozambique), Consulting Producer on Lightbox Entertainment’s The Traffic. (Mozambique). The trafficker is an investigative series that follows the illegal trades of precious minerals; counterfeit drugs, endangered species and even people around the globe. Lightbox Entertainment is a UK-U.S owned production company launched by the 2 times Oscar Winning Executive producers Simon Chinn (For the man on wire), and his Emmy award winning cousin, Jonathan Chinn.

Executive Producer on Team Best’s “One Man Kann reality show with celebrity Riaan Manser. (Riaan Manser is the first person in the world to cycle around the perimeter of Africa and a best seller author) – (Mozambique)


As an actor, Peter began in 2007, in a movie titled Manungo by the British director, Tony Magmar, where Peter played the role of the younger Manungo, – a child who was trying to live a different life without his parents after the war. The movie was filmed in Zimbabwe, produced by Grammar films but never released due to the sudden death of the Director and copyright issues. His second role was in Flora Gomes’ The Children’s Republic, where he worked with the 3 times prime-time Hollywood Legend, Danny Glover. His third role was in Capitalization, a film shot just after he had founded Nigma Entertainment. His fourth appearance was in Nico, a film directed by Mabasso Jr. (Mabasso Jr. is the screenwriter of the Child Soldier feature film) where he played the street kid who had to live by keeping a promise to his deceased mother that he would keep attending school but his stepfather did not allow him to keep his promises. His fifth role was as an angry ex-boyfriend in the Lollipop movie directed by Mabasso Jr.

The sixth role was in another movie directed by Mabasso Jr. Titled: Through The Moonlight Sea. He also had a candid appearance in Kabelo’s Music Video – a project where he was an Executive Producer in Mozambique. His most notable role is in the Barclay’s premier league commercial, holding the Manchester City

Nicolaas Jacobus de Wet

Nicolaas Jacobus de Wet PC KC (11 September 1873 near Aliwal North – 16 March 1960) was a South African politician, lawyer, and judge who was Chief Justice of South Africa and acting Governor-General from 1943 to 1945.

Paul Hanmer

Paul Hanmer (born 1961, Cape Town) is a South African composer, pianist and one of its foremost jazz musicians. In 1970, Hanmer began classical piano and theory lessons. He enrolled at the University of Cape Town but stayed for a short period then left to work with guitarist Paul Petersen.

Luqmaan Samie

After Mr Samie’s successful career in real estate which included a spell in corporate strategy, he gained a passion for digitization whilst CEO of his previous fastest-growing technology trading real estate investment firm. This led to the start of Mr Samie’s own digital business, which grew into its clear category leader with 150+ staff, as well as an A+ customer satisfaction rating.

Afzul Farouk Rehman

At a very young age, Afzul Rehman started taking responsibilities; thus, he was elected as ward Councillor of Newcastle Local Council at the age of 22 in 1996. This was when everybody perceived him as incapable of leaving a significant mark, but with his outstanding administrative capabilities, he proved them wrong.

Ronelda Kamfer

Ronelda Kamfer, (born June 16, 1981 in Blackheath, near Cape Town), is an Afrikaans speaking South African poet.

Given Black

Sennet Given Ntimane (Born September 23, 1996) Is a South African Musical Artist who is known by his professional name Given Black. He started creating music back in 2011 as a band and in 2014 he began working as a solo artist, which made him to further learn more skills so he can be versatile in the entertainment industry.

In 2017 Sennet went to Tshwane University of Technology to study Film and TV Production. But he never gave up on his music carrier, he carried on pushing music on the side. After graduating as a film maker, he then established his music record label called Mabari Records and his film production company, Fiohn Films.

Samuel Suh

Samuel Suh is a Singer and Songwriter, he was born in Cameroon and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kelvin Asamoah

Kelvin Asamoah’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

Deepanshu Garg

Deepanshu Garg’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.


R.I.E, born on January 29, 1995 is a musician belonging to the Rap and Hip-Hop genres. His obsession with rapping began when he started listening to artists like Eminem, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. By the time he was 11 years old, he had a book full of rhymes.


Nkosamandlela Qokola , also well known as DJ Madocs was born in Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape is a music producer and DJ. He ventured into House Music as a DJ in 2003 which steered him to be recognized. He then went on to make till on serverals Events.

D. T. H. van der Merwe

Daniel Tailliferrer Hauman van der Merwe (born 28 April 1986) is a South African-Canadian rugby union player. He currently plays for the Scarlets in the Pro12.

Athelstan Cornish-Bowden

Athelstan Hall Cornish-Bowden was a land surveyor active in South Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries.